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From all corners over the globe, Toyota Dream Car Art Contest invites children to share their ideas and creative imaginations about the future of mobility by drawing their dream cars, winning over the hearts of people all around and flying their way to Japan for the final award ceremony, wrapping up the year’s contest.

Navana Limited, being the sole distributor of Toyota in Bangladesh is always committed to driving the automobile sector of the country ahead. Besides its business commitment,Navana Limited maintains its exceptions through various activities, one being the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). In retrospect to this, Navana limited has played an active role in pursuing the children’sdreams through The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, the International contest held worldwide, and Navana Limited has been a part of it since 2006.

With the vision of inspiring the children’s creativity, Toyota initiated this contest with the hope of uniting the imaginations of children worldwide. Toyota organizes this competition every yearin order to engage the brightest future of the upcoming generations. Undoubtedly, children come up with many innovative ideas and in order to procreate something better,Toyota associates them with the brand through their active engagement in the art contest.

More than 80 countries are actively involved in participating in this contest and its timeline runs around the year kicking off globally from October. However, the contest marks its beginning in January in Bangladesh, considering the scholastic year of academic institutions.

In Bangladesh, the first phase is the announcement of the contest country wide. Through this announcement, Navana Limited informs the children about the competition through various medias and promotional tools. Interested children show their eagerness to participate and start preparing accordingly.The announcement goes through the ads from the newspapers or different web portals or social sites like Facebook. Besides this, Navana representatives go to schools and make this announcement physically. And the students get the leaflet according to the age category. The category is segregated as follows: In category A the children aged from 0 to 7, then category B is 8 to 11 and the category C is 12 to 15 years of age. This summarizes that all children must be under 16 to enroll themselves in here.

In this completion the rules are very shipshape. No digital artworks are acceptable because every year winners’ artworks can be seen in digital platform so, those artworks can’t beduplicated. The theme of the contest is “Dream Car” as mentioned earlier. Throughout January, the participants are given the opportunity to portray their dreams and master it, which are finally collected in February.

Then at the beginning of March, Navana Limited carries out the screening process, with the help of renowned judges and meticulously screens the top 150-200 artworks from around 3500 artworks.

In total, nine artworks from each age category are sent to the world contest entry, through a live art competition which is organized by Navana and mostly held at their premises. They drive a live art contest in the country and from these, the best nine ones are selected. The national contest level closes down on the 20th of March worldwide, which means no further entries will be accepted.

All the entries have to be dispatched to Japan within the aforementioned timeline. The final International results are declared within Mid-June-July.An award ceremony is held at the end of August in Japan, which counts in one guardian with the respective winner. The global winners along with their parents are invited to Japan for a week to enjoy many activities and view Toyota plants ending the stay with the award ceremony.

Winners are awarded in different categories like gold, silver, bronze and President award- The Akio Toyoda award, which counts 30 in total including contestants of all 3 age categories worldwide.

Tasneem Majid, Senior Executive from marketing department of Navana Limited informs, “In national level our national contestants achieved five awards. In 2011, we had 1 winner, 3 in 2012 and 1 in 2014.

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