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Press Release | February 2017

Mr. Md. Arfan Ali, President & Managing Director of Bank Asia receives the Mastercard Principle Membership License from Syed Mohammad Kamal, Country Manager, Mastercard Bangladesh at a simple ceremony held at the Corporate Office of the Bank at Purana Paltan, Dhaka on Sunday (1st January 2017). Mr. Muhammed Zahirul Alam,

Risk Register

A Risk Register is a Risk Management tool commonly used in Project Management and organizational risk assessments. It acts as a central repository for all risks identified by the project or organization and, for each risk, includes information such as risk probability, impact, counter-measures, and risk owner and so on.

Top 5 Smart Phones for Bankers

                  Science fiction writers and futurologists once predicted that computers will become so small that you could fit one on your palm. Palmtop, they were called affectionately. The glistening future of astounding ‘techtopia’ is here. Welcome to the future! Your regular run of the mill smart phone that you toss around and

9 Skills needed for future net admin

Regular activities of the average enterprise network engineer are becoming increasingly fluid over time. What once was a relatively static responsibility for managing the transport frames and packets from point A to point B, now has become a liaison between the admins; this trend has made them responsible for the

White Collar Health Hazard

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)-An Emerging Health Hazard for Office Workers Today’s fast pacing office work predominantly involves computer work. Let’s anticipate a simple calculation - You work 4 hours daily as a typical computer user. Your typing speed is 200 keystrokes/min assuming 2 inch average finger movements per keystroke. Guess what? –

Our locally developed software have already reached a benchmark to substitute foreign software

    The iconic figure in Bangladesh’s information and communications technology Mustafa Jabbar’s most notable works include introducing and revolutionizing the usage of Bengali language in computing, helping the incorporation of ICT in education, helping formalize ICT education, and working as a key figure to popularize the concept of a digital Bangladesh. Writer

5 steps to building a security strategy

Only a few years ago, security was at best an afterthought for some cloud teams. Everyone on the team thought security was someone else’s problem. For some less-fortunate organizations, this mindset did not change until a major security breach occurred, resulting in financial losses, reputational damage, and even job cuts.