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Adoption of ATM Banking in Bangladesh: An Analysis of Current Status, Problems and Challenges Including Probable Remedies

 Introduction: Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is the well-known machines to provide electronic access to customers. With advent of ATMs, banks are able to serve customers outside the banking hall. ATM is designed to perform the most important functions of a bank. It is operated by plastic card with its special

BRAC becomes first Bangladeshi university to launch satellite

In collaboration with BRAC University Electrical & Electronic Club (BUEEC) and Robotics Club of BRAC University (ROBU), a program titled “BRAC ONNESHA: Beyond the Horizon” was organized at UBT Auditorium on March16, 2017 to honour three BRAC students who developed the nano-satellite “Onnesha”. Onnesha is the first ever satellite developed

Empowered Women Are The Future Leaders

-Anonno Razzak Women are proving their worth against all odds in the business sectors. They are assertive, competitive and passionate to work in different sectors, said the speakers in a seminar titled “Women Empowerment through IT Program” held on March 9, 2017 at PwC Office in Laila Tower, Gulshan 1, on

Mobile Application DEVELOPMENT – What’s Next?

Gone are those days when gadgets were barely accommodated to fit in our pocket. The rise of the smartphone has established a thriving market for mobile applications and today we are standing at the threshold of a mobile apps revolution that has the power to change the way businesses are

Discussion on ‘Cloud Service for Data Storage’ turns into a Debate

A seminar about ‘Public Policy for Financial Sector’ can barely enthrall anyone on a sleepy Saturday morning. The one with ‘that title’ held on the last day of the four day long BASIS Softexpo was no different. Men in suits on the podium were talking about the current status of financial


A hot topic over the last few years is that digital transformation shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Enterprises are looking to accelerate digital transformation as they start seeing top-line benefits, including greater innovation, productivity and revenue. To accelerate the digital transformation required to achieve