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Data’ comes from a singular Latin word, datum, which originally meant ‘something given’. Its early usage dates back to the 1600s. Over time ‘data’ has become the plural of datum. Data are simply facts or figures, bits of information, but not information itself. When data are processed, interpreted, organized, structured

Ensuring Uninterrupted Internet for Bangladesh

In recent times, internet users of Bangladesh faced significant problems (slow data speed resulting in longer time to load webpage, file, video and other contents) on several instances. A major interruption occurred during October 22, 2016 to November 26, 2016, when some maintenance work took place in the international submarine

WIFI for reaching SDG 5

-Anonno Razzak Bangladesh Women in Technology (BWIT) and Bangladesh Institute of ICT Development (BIID) will jointly work to implement the flagship initiative ‘Women and ICT Frontier Initiative’ (WIFI) of UNESCAP APCICT (The United Nations Asian and Pacific Training Center for Information and Communication Technology for Development) to achieve the SDG 5

World FinTech Report 2017: Half of Banking Customers Globally Now Using FinTech Firms

-Fintech Desk Half of banking customers across the globe are using the products or services of at least one FinTech firm, according to the first World FinTech Report (WFTR) from Capgemini and LinkedIn, in collaboration with Efma. The inaugural report quantifies and tracks customer response to the rise of FinTechs, includes the

Movie Review of PI

Before rose into stardom with classics like ‘Requiem For a Dream’, ‘The Wrestler’ and ‘Black Swan’, Brooklyn based director Darren Aronofsky made ‘Pi’. This movie released in 1998 had become an instant cult classic, garnering affections and praises from movie buffs across the world. Produced on a small budget of $60,000, the


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