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A Hub for 360° Painting Solution in Berger Experience Zone

Home painting can be traced back to the days of the cavemen. From the Cave of Altamira to the Tikoil village in Bangladesh, decorating homes using paint is common everywhere in the world. Painting a home with colorful coating is a task any layman painter can do. However, if you are to paint your dreams on walls, you need to be an expert or hire expert services. It is said that colors portray your personality but the way you utilize the colors portray your expression.A great paint job can always uphold the outlook of the dream home, while a careless one may result in disaster. If you are to paint your dream home and looking for one-stop painting solutions, Berger Experience Zone is the place to avail complete painting solution.

Services from Berger Experience Zone range from Express Painting Services to aesthetic design painting solutions – Illusions. Berger Experience Zone offers a pool of trained painters, right product selection, desired color scheme selection and complete painting supervision.This complete service caters to the different painting requirements of customers through Express Painting Service (EPS) and Illusions.

For people who prefer sophisticated and thematic painting solutions, Berger’s Illusion painting service is the optimal choice. Berger has hundreds of designs in 9 different categories. Customers can choose any design from the Illusion design catalog and have that design painted by trained painters. To avail this service, one may visit Berger Experience Zone. Apart from company-owned outlets, there are few franchised outlets in order to cater to countrywide requirements of painting service.

In addition to Illusion painting services, Berger also offers the finest painters equipped with automatic tools to carry out impeccable painting job throughout the country. EPS offers all the modern techniques of painting along with expert painters who use the advanced machines to carry out any task while reducing dust significantly inside the household.

Dust dispersed from sanding is considered to be a health hazard for the residents and painters as well. Berger, through EPS, ensures almost dust-free sanding..Sander Machines with vacuum suction technology diminishes dust up to 90% in comparison to sanding paper. During sanding, the powerful vacuum suction of the dust bag pulls all the dust ensuring a cleaner environment.

Putty is a very important undercoat that ensures smooth finishing on the wall. It is also used to fill small holes, cracks and dent on the surface of the wall. Since Putty is a powdered material that needs to be mixed well. Mixing products properly plays a pivotal role to ensure smooth& shiny finishing. Berger Express Painting Service uses an automatic putty mixer that ensures proper mixing with least possible time.

Paint job is a very sophisticated task and it requires close supervision. A slight change in shade & finishing can hamper the aesthetic view of your living or working place. And this slight change in aesthetics might have significant detrimental effects on your mood. Even though there are plenty of freelancing painters, very few of them comply with the right painting methods. As a result the paint does not last long and sometimes the finishing is even worse. And very few of them have professional obligation to complete the task within the stipulated time. So, if you want to get rid of all the painting hassles, Berger Express Painting Service is just a call away.


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