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TEMI is known as an intelligent personal robot for home or your office that places you at the center of your technology. You can connect with friends or family online or via video. Or, you can even interact with your smart devices.

Temi does not only act as an assistant, the AI, rather voice recognition and facial recognition technology provides human interactions that learn your preferences and seamlessly enters your life.


Temi comes in at 3′ 3″ high, 14″ wide, 18″ deep, approximately 25 pounds, and according to the robot’s FAQ, it’s “as stable as a chair and as strong as a coffee table” is powered by a lithium-ion battery that will last around eight hours, at which point the robot will automatically navigate back to its charging dock. In fact, according to Digital Trend’s Jenny McGrath, “As Temi starts following you around; the robot is constantly updating its map and learning the fastest path between two places.

It can move smoothly on any indoor surface, such as carpeting, hardwoods, and tile, can recognize your face and voice, and is constantly learning the preferences of everyone in your home or office. “For example,” the website explains, “when you ask Temi to go to the kitchen, it will learn the best way to get there by seeing your route.” It even knows when to be serious, when to joke around, and when it’s appropriate to engage in small talk.

Additional features:

• The ability for all members of the family to operate, from young children to older adults (Temi currently only understands English, although we’re told additional languages are in the works)

• A high-quality sound system that can act as your personal DJ

• The ability to control smart home devices with your voice

• Interactively learn new languages, math, and other fun topics

• The ability to contact “a doctor or health expert 24/7 from your sofa or bedside”

Temi includes an arrangement of sensors and cameras having faultless self-governing route, 360° profundity discernment, and dynamic way arranging that are said to explore even the most complex situations, while playing music, noting calls, informing you about the weather, enabling hands-free and heads-up video conferencing, and even ordering takeout. There’s no doubt that TEMI’s coolness factor is off the chart whatever the price it costs.

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