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AIUB enables virtual classrooms with Microsoft

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As schools around the world respond to COVID-19, the need for remote learning tools has never been more urgent. American International University Bangladesh (AIUB), one of the leading private universities in the country is enabling virtual learning for 13,000 students with Microsoft 365 Education, which provides a customized hub for class teamwork with Microsoft Teams that include video meetings, online versions of the Office 365 apps, as well as compliance tools and information protection.

Using Microsoft 365, AIUB has been able to build a comprehensive and efficient online education system for the students and faculties, while ensuring lesson continuity with interactive teaching. Student sessions through Microsoft Teams which resulted in completing an entire semester online.

“Adapting to the new normal to continue the education of our students was not easy. With the help of Microsoft solutions along with our infrastructure, we were able to onboard 13,000 students, faculty members, and all the administrative staff within 4 days. Microsoft 365 Education has multiplied our efficiency and productivity. With the help of it, we have been able to re-create the physical classroom experience for the students and lecturers improving the collaboration during the pandemic. We will be having a mixed approach where both online and physical classrooms will be conducted as a post-pandemic measure’’ said Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, Vice-Chancellor of AIUB.

“We have been receiving many inquiries on how we adopted this culture change. Onboarding the young generation with technology is easier than onboarding senior members. But the smooth transition that was brought by Microsoft made it possible. We conduct, not only academic sessions but also board meetings, administrative meetings as well as council meetings through Microsoft Teams triggering the journey of digital transformation throughout our university” added Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, Vice-Chancellor of AIUB.

AIUB has conducted four orientation programs to train and onboard the faculty and the students on Microsoft 365 Education. The institution mostly uses Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Administration, Microsoft Forms for quizzes, Gradebook, and Assignments for conducting distance learning.

Afif Mohamed Ali, Country Managing Director for Microsoft Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, and Nepal said, “Over the past several months, how we teach and how we learn has completely changed. Teachers, students, and schools are incorporating new tools into their lessons and experiencing new methods of learning, which will have an important, lasting impact. As we move into a new normal of virtual learning it is more important than ever to help educators find ways to connect with students and keep them engaged, motivated, and safe in a digital world. We’re excited by the ways AIUB is embracing technology with Microsoft, enabling our digital natives and future leaders to learn and achieve more.”

“Congratulations to AIUB for leading the way in being the 1st University in Bangladesh in enabling 100% virtual learning for your 13,000 students with over 2,000 courses with Microsoft 365 Education. We hope this serves as an inspiration and vision for all other institutions, said Sook Hoon Cheah, General Manager, Southeast Asia New Markets, Microsoft APAC. Along with motivated school leaders, technology can transform the curriculum and better prepare students for the new world of work, helping students unleash their potentials and harnessing their talents. Digital transformation of institutions will provide equality, accessibility, and empowerment for all to what they can make and do. At Microsoft, we aim to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


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