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Apple expects to bring new folding iPhone by 2022

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A new report has revealed that Apple plans to unveil its very first folding smartphone in the year 2022. The Cupertino giant is in conversation with suppliers from Taiwan — Hon Hai and Nippon Nippon to develop their very first folding smartphone.

Reported first by Taiwanese media firm, Apple has asked the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturers to test the bearing and screen of the folding iPhone. Report reveals that the display is being provided by Samsung, whereas the bearings for the hinge mechanism are to be manufactured by other parts suppliers. As per the report, New Nikkon will be the main supplier, whereas Hon Hai will assemble the folding phone.

As per the report, the hinges will be tested for more than 100,000 openings and closings. In case you didn’t know, New Nikkon is the company responsible for the hinges seen on the MacBooks. 

Some time back, leaks Jon Prosser had shared patent filings by Apple for a folding phone that had a unique hinge mechanism. Unlike the Galaxy Fold which features a flimsy plastic screen, this one will feature two separate display panels that are connected by a hinge similar to Surface Duo. The allegedly foldable ‌‌iPhone‌‌ has rounded edges made of stainless steel as well as a tiny forehead to house FaceID tech, instead of an ugly forehead.

Source: Indiatimes

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