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Business Analysis in the days of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Fourth Industrial Revolution has already set in. The World Economic Forum first drew the attention of the world to the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is driven by unprecedented technological developments. Rapid technological changes and digitalization have already landed a profound impact on Global economic growth and social progress. Technological changes have

Fraud Detection & Management

Prevent, detect and manage fraud across the enterprise, making smarter decisions, increasing return on capital and driving business performance are the key indicators of an organization that are thriving management. Banks are likely to become exposed to diverse frauds involving various intruders like: employees, customers and those with whom it has

Interoperability for Financial Inclusion in Digital Bangladesh

Digital financial inclusion for the poor is now happening nowadays but still, the consumer is facing problem on payment. While traditional microfinance and banks remain important, the potential of using new technology-based platforms to serve the poor is huge. In particular, mobile network coverage and the use of a variety

Data Analytics Can Transform Bangladeshi Organizations

eGeneration Ltd., one of the leading IT and tech investment companies in Bangladesh and Microsoft jointly organized a roundtable titled “Digital First- Modern Workplace: Engaged Customers, Empowered Employees and Optimized Operations” on Sunday evening at The Westin Dhaka to lead the discussion and embrace strategies around generating workplace insights using

Partisan student politics is a menace to higher education institutions in Bangladesh

The brutal killing of Abrar Fahad, a student of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), has once again brought the debate over banning student politics at educational institutions to the fore. The way Abrar was beaten to death by the so-called student leaders (some 19 student activists allegedly involved

Financial Inclusion Might be the Miracle of Employment Generation

Successful implementation of Financial inclusion can create a new dimension in employment generation of rural areas, empowerment of women, ensure their livelihood and income leading to poverty alleviation. If the livelihood sustains the income would persist leading to sustainable poverty alleviation. We need to emphasize on the following issues to explore

Dissecting and Debating Quality in Higher Education: The Missing Link

“It is impossible to have a complete education system without an appropriate and strong higher education system….I am not for a moment suggesting that primary education and secondary education are not at the very essence of development…[but that is] not enough. You have to have centers of excellence and learning


If Facebook were a country, it would be the largest in the world, with over 2 billion users. It would also be ruled by an opaque, unaccountable, and undemocratic regime. Social media has become the modern public square, which is run by unseen corporate algorithms that can manipulate our access


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