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Artificial Intelligence Workforce

Mahbub A Alam Digitization’s process of banking system in Bangladesh started in early 80’s. Since its inception, our Bangladeshi programmers have been working tremendously for the development of different types of digital record keeping systems for banks.  Bankers are now tired to input heavy volume of records and balancing their entries due to financial inclusions and

Prospects and Possibilities of HRIS in Bangladesh

Saima Jahan For the result of an increased emphasis on a knowledge-based economy, many organizations keep realizing that their people and information resources are critical to survive and succeed. Human Resource or manpower development is thus vital and many organizations are utilizing information technology in Human Resource Management (HRM) also known as ‘Human Resource Information Systems

Protecting Your Online Identity and Transactions

Abdullah Al-Shamim In the wake of ongoing digital revolution over the past few years, among many initiatives, the increasing adoption of online identity, the race to a cashless society, relentless efforts to convert traditional services to digital, and so forth are not only bringing the consumers ease and comfort of

Security of IT and the circle of concern of contemporary bankers

Rashedul Hasan Khan   The landlord asked the potential guard, “Do you know English?” Potential guard, “Key? Chor ki bilat thon aibo nihi?” (Why? Will the fraudster hailed from UK?) But at the present time, not just at home; in many organizations, especially in financial or equivalent institutions, it is

The Rise and Rise of Blockchain

Muhammad Nur Yanhaona, Ph.D Since the genesis of Bitcoin that ushered it, the blockchain technology has attracted widespread enthusiasm in the technology community for its revolutionary approach to decentralization of trust and security of information management. The blockchain technology has shown—for the first time—that it is possible to manage a

Inspiring Bangladesh: The First Social Fintech Venture in South East Asia

Imran Fahad Inspiring Bangladesh Ltd. is a social good company promoting inspirational stories of Bangladeshis around the globe and the users get a voucher to inspire people and motivated people may share their positive stories & achievements. Bangladesh has got a lot of superheroes in individual sectors, but most of them

Optimization of Profitability Vis-A-Vis reinforcement of financial health of Banks/Financial Institutions

Bankers now-a-days because of growing awareness prioritize to extend purpose oriented credit facilities with required security/ collateral support. So it becomes of imperative need to exercise due diligence in the process of credit assessment focusing on the borrower’s business dynamics and operational aspects to ensure optimal credit flow to the