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The Rise and Rise of Blockchain

Muhammad Nur Yanhaona, Ph.D Since the genesis of Bitcoin that ushered it, the blockchain technology has attracted widespread enthusiasm in the technology community for its revolutionary approach to decentralization of trust and security of information management. The blockchain technology has shown—for the first time—that it is possible to manage a

Inspiring Bangladesh: The First Social Fintech Venture in South East Asia

Imran Fahad Inspiring Bangladesh Ltd. is a social good company promoting inspirational stories of Bangladeshis around the globe and the users get a voucher to inspire people and motivated people may share their positive stories & achievements. Bangladesh has got a lot of superheroes in individual sectors, but most of them

Optimization of Profitability Vis-A-Vis reinforcement of financial health of Banks/Financial Institutions

Bankers now-a-days because of growing awareness prioritize to extend purpose oriented credit facilities with required security/ collateral support. So it becomes of imperative need to exercise due diligence in the process of credit assessment focusing on the borrower’s business dynamics and operational aspects to ensure optimal credit flow to the

Digital Transformation is more compelling in Covid19 pandemic

Mohammed Asif  Standing on my 10th floor roof top, looking around the city; thousands of buildings, roads, flyover, power plant, shops, and vehicles on roads, everything made by human are there, but the irony is human movement is missing. Covid19 outbreak has dawdling and to some extend hold the move

Healthcare during pandemic outbreak challenges and how to address them

Dr. K M Marium Ava Mitumoni William Shakespeare once said, “When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions” and yes we are passing such a moment right now. Life is too hard to survive. Every day we are hearing much more sad news and facing many problems. Sometimes

Covid-19: Patients are unwilling to go out and seek healthcare

Dr. Atia Sharmin Bonna ((MBBS,MPH) Just back in few months, going to a doctor was not so hard. Anxiety keeps adults and children alike out of the medical sector, leading doctors to worry that people are not taking care of their non-coronavirus diseases and prompts paediatricians to express concern about

Embracing fintech by banks in Bangladesh

Suborna Barua Banks are at the heart of the development of Financial Technology (FinTech) environment. The rise of FinTech firms or start-ups has given a big shift to the financial services industry globally, in particular, in developed countries like the US, Australia, and the greater Europe. For example, Australia is