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‘Regulatory uncertainty makes business planning for fintech companies very challenging’

Interview with Kokila Alagh, founder of KARM Legal Consultants Kokila Alagh the UAE-based legal consultancy firm KARM Legal Consultants in 2018. Among its focus areas are fintech, blockchain, insuretech, medtech, data protection, and cyber laws. She is also a board member of MENA Fintech Association, a not for profit association that “fosters an open dialogue

‘The financial crises are happening because of the big defaulters, not because of SMEs’

Anyone watching BTV English News bulletin will immediately recognize Sangita Ahmed. But media personality is but one front of Ms Ahmed’s multi-faceted professional engagements. A passionate entrepreneur, Sangita Ahmed has been involved in business since her early 20s, as we find out during our interview with her. A much warmer

‘We want to re-imagine a brand like us can play in the life of a customer’

Tasked with the job of driving customer strategies, marketing stategies and delivering them in the market across ten countries in Asia, Sanjeev Kapur took up the position of MetLife’s chief marketing officer for Asia last year. MetLife, one of the leading providers of insurance globally, has been operating in Bangladesh

‘I wanted to take banking to the rural people’

The Chairman and CEO of Lockpur Group of Industries and the Chairman of SBAC Bank Limited, Mr S. M. Amzad Hossain is among the most socially responsible industry owners in the country. His efforts to integrate the rural people into his business empire and advance a forward thinking banking structure

Digital payment and fintech companies at BASIS SoftExpo showcase the expanding landscape of fintech in Bangladesh

Once only a dream, in 2020 you can trade stocks, manage insurance and have your food delivered using fintech, among a number of other things and often from a handheld device. Bangladesh has a huge market for fintech, as leading market studies repeatedly found. This led to the emergence of

‘We spent Tk. 3000 crore to buy more spectrum than any other operator and that shows our commitment’

Fintech: When you joined Banglalink you said that it was going through a digital transformation. So at what stage you are in that transformation and what have you achieved so far? We realized that things were changing fast. First of all, I think the customers are digitizing themselves changing their behaviours.


Sajid Rahman is one of those few Bangladeshi business leaders and entrepreneurs who has experience of working at the highest levels of leading global companies. Currently leading the global health initiative for Telenor Group, Mr Rahman is also working closely as advisory board members and investors to technology and energy

‘If deployed properly our products will be revolutionary for financial inclusion in Bangladesh’

Financial inclusion is easily one of the most talked about subjects. From NGOs to human rights organizations, and governments to multinational corporates, everyone agrees that it’s not happening fast enough. Can fintech technology help solve this for a developing country like Bangladesh? The founder and managing director of fintech company Circle