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Automan is an automobile repair and maintenance hub powered by eCommerce aiming towards redefining the ‘AUTO’ lifestyle of vehicle owners in Bangladesh. Primarily they are a home-service based operator i.e. their specialists visit your place to take over your vehicle problems. In case the problem cannot be fixed at your premises, Automan take your vehicle to one of their nearest specialized partner workshops where your vehicle is managed under the supervision of Automan’s experienced engineers. Automan also provides emergency roadside support to their registered customers to ensure peace of mind.

Quality of service is Automan’s top priority. They assure authentic spare parts and lubricants through partnership with almost all major automobile accessories brands present in the country. Moreover, they provide warranty on their services. Bottom line – you don’t have to pay for the same services twice. It also needs to be mentioned that their pricing is very competitive and transparent – you are getting a premium service without paying a premium charge.

Automan’s business model is powered by a robust eCommerce Platform and iOS/Android apps. They plan to enable their customers to manage their vehicles online and ensure 24/7 customer service. They also plan to provide a wide range of complementary automobile related services in coming times under the expert and experienced care of their highly skilled team.

Automan will come to you – ANYTIME ANYWHERE – and provide you the best-in-classexperiencein vehicle repair & maintenance. Automan is always ready to take care of your vehicle – in GOOD TIMES OR BAD- because they aim to become Your Favorite Vehicle Mechanic.The world is getting digitalized & Automan is also catching up to it.Just take your smart device in hand and visit to GIVE LIFE TO YOUR VEHICLE.


Full Range of AUTOMAN Services:

– All Sorts of Servicing/Cleaning/Polishing Works

– All Sorts of Electrical & Mechanical Works (incl. Engine, Transmission, Suspension, Aircon, Tires etc.)

– Replacement/Repair of Body Parts

– Dent Fixing & Painting

– Vehicle Health Check (OBD2 Scanning + Physical Inspection)

– Vehicle Insurance

– GPS Tracking

– CNG Health Check

– LPG Conversion

– Emergency Roadside Assistance


Mr. Saif Mahmood, Managing Director of Automan Ventures Limited, was interviewed in order to construct the above write-up

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