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What is better than shopping online when you can get whatever you want with no time restriction by sitting at home! Electronic commerce or e-commerce sites nowadays have not only become more popular in Bangladesh but also are much safer and more trustworthy than it was years ago. The number of online shopping users has increased this much because of the time and payment convenience. Both small and big organizations in Bangladesh are especially targeting the young generations as they are the majority of internet users.

An e-commerce site should have specific features that can draw the attention of the customers. They only visit those sites which have a good user interface, shopping tools, better discount offers, enough information about the products etc. and Facebook is the right platform to promote these features. According to BTRC, 75% people now use internet through the mobile phone and most of them are young individuals and they spend most of their time of a day on Facebook. As Bangladesh is becoming a digitalized country, a huge portion of its economy comes from online shopping. That is why most of the organizations today are running their website with their Facebook page because it is much easier to reach to their customers through Facebook than the e-commerce websites.

Many organizations in Bangladesh are working hard to give the customers best experience of online shopping. Among them, is one of the most popular lifestyle e-commerce websites which have also followed the same way to get close to their customers. As a part of their continuous effort to improve customer experience and engagement, recently it has managed to reach one million followers on Facebook. It is highly engaged in redefining the digital retail landscape. Apart from selling lifestyle products, BAGDOOM is focusing on educating their customers’ about products and lifestyle with their blog. It has shared more than 150 blogs on topics of health and lifestyle, tech talks and interviews, cooking and cleanliness, beauty style statements, fashion and football updates, music concerts and movie reviews on their Facebook page which was liked by people across Bangladesh.

Besides educating the customers, they also arrange various competitions to increase customer engagement. BAGDOOM has started its happy moment of the year in 2016 with creative photo caption of Qurbani Eid. With Valentine’s Day campaign, Baishakh look contest and Independence Day lyrics contest, this leading lifestyle e-commerce organization gave its fans an opportunity to express love and humor to their parents in an unique way. For ‘Face of Bagdoom’ campaign, over two thousand followers have participated to win the contest. Last but not the least BAGDOOM followers got crazy on its social media page when it announced to select four best salutography in 24 hours just the way Shakib Al Hasan send-off Stokes to the pavilion with a salute in ODI series. This has become the most successful campaign of the year which BAGDOOM has celebrated with the whole country.

With a great number of organic followers on Facebook from inside and outside the country, an e-commerce organization can come up with more customer benefits and cover greater innovations and achievements in future which will make it stand out from others. By following this way, BAGDOOM has taken itself to next level and recognized the essence of affinity with its fans in the digital space to inspire the youths, entrepreneurs and shoppers. BAGDOOM’s CEO Mirajul Huq said in this regard, “Our shoppers and fans keep growing not because of our constant ads but because they can easily reach to us on Facebook and share their thoughts, humility and humor”. ■

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