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Zaheed Sabur joined Google in 2007. On May 2 this year, he was promoted as principal engineer and also a director at Google’s Zurich office. 

Zaheed Sabur has become the first Bangladeshi principal engineer at one of the world’s leading technology companies, Google.

As a software engineer at the Google’s backend system development project in 2007he started his career at India’s Bangalore office, and six months later in the California office.

Notably, Munazah Alam Chowdhury, who recently wrapped up a12-year tenure at Google, was the first Bangladeshi Google director. She was also promoted to director level back in 2015.

Sixteen years and some months ago Zaheed sat through his orientation class at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) in pursuit of becoming an engineer. He has completed his graduation from the university with CGPA 4, making a record in the university’s history.

“Context is equally important in life. From where I started, then a least developed country, with nothing but desire to work hard, having never cheated or harmed a soul, having never taken a dime from my parents since my 2nd semester at AIUB (maintained full scholarship throughout), having never benefited from any family connections or taken any shortcuts in life – putting all that into context, it’s beyond my wildest imagination where I’ve reached in my mid-30s. The destination I’ve reached is certainly very special but it’s the journey that led me here is what I’m most proud of, and grateful for” he wrote on his Facebook wall.

“All special people in my life, and most of all, the Almighty, thank you from the bottom of my heart — I couldn’t have done it without all your blessings,” Zaheed added.

Being a Patuakhali native, Zaheed was born in Saudi Arabia where his father used to teach at King Faisal University. At the age of eight, he along with his family returned home and he took admission at Manipur High School. Later he went to Oxford International School. 

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