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Imagine not having to lose your sleep over buying an apartment. Is the paperwork right? What if there is a far better deal and you are buying without knowing what other options you have? What about the credibility of the seller or developer?

With reliable online platforms absent in the real estate market place, it is indeed hard to imagine how that might happen, yet Bproperty is making that a reality right here in Bangladesh. An e-commerce real estate marketplace, caters to the needs of those seeking real estate services, with a promise to make house-hunting and renting/buying easier than ever. “We offer the easiest platform that enables anyone to buy, rent or sell properties in Bangladesh,” said Mark Nosworthy, the CEO of the company.


Part of the Emerging Markets Property Group that owns the top UAE property portal Bayut, currently has operational presence in Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Gazipur, Sylhet, Narayanganj – and set to begin its operation in Barisal, Khulna, Jessore, Narshingdi, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Bogra, among other districts by 2018.

With the company’s investors coming from some of the top names in the global property portal industry that have operated highly successful ventures across the world, including, the largest and most successful property portal in France, Bproperty seem to have all the right ingredients in place to concoct a winning combination.

Testament to that, the company has managed to gather an impressive list of over 21,000 properties within the of span only two years, since its operation started in January 2016. To exhibit its success Bproperty decided to co-sponsor REHAB Fair 2017, which is the largest real estate trade event in the country, organised by the Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB).


“The Rehab Fair was a tremendous success in allowing Bangladesh property consumers and investors understand that a service exists in Bangladesh which allows for a hassle free, convenient and trustworthy property purchase,” Mark Nosworthy told Fintech.

Being a co-sponsor for the REHAB Fair provided Bproperty with the opportunity to reach out to the consumers and to the industry at large, and demonstrate how the company can help take the Bangladeshi real estate sector forward to its next logical step.

Technology based platforms like a property portal has been missing in the Bangladeshi real estate industry until recently. Even then, a new dimension within an established format is always treated with scepticism. But REHAB, the only recognised organisation for real estate developers in Bangladesh, has been very forward looking in accommodating Bproperty.

“Our relationship with Rehab is an incredibly positive one and it was great that they allowed a company like ours to co-sponsor the Rehab event,” Mark Nosworthy notes. Even though Bproperty is a relatively new player in the industry, Bproperty’s role is essentially that of an enabler to the total industry.

What Bproperty can do, the company CEO says is that it can work with “REHAB as well as other developers and individual sellers,” which will help promote the property industry as a viable investment opportunity which benefits all parties involved.


“We are not competition for developers,” Mark Nosworthy affirms. He asserts that Bproperty can help grow the overall industry for everyone’s benefit. “And I believe that Rehab and its partners understand this, understand that Bproperty will be pivotal in growing the success of the property industry in Bangladesh, which is why they are so co-operative in working closely with us.”

As a result, the company’s participation for the first time in the REHAB fair has been a big success. “Bproperty had an objective which was to showcase our services, as well as our available properties which is the largest in Bangladesh at over 21,000 properties, to all people within Bangladesh and this was achieved.”

This year’s REHAB Fair, held from December 21 – 25 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Dhaka, hosted 289 participants, including over 30 building material companies and 13 financial institutions, in addition to over a hundred developers and other property related businesses. The event functions as a platform to help consumers find flats and plots at an affordable cost.

However, fair’s like this one is few and far between and hardly a solution that customers can rely on. That is even more true of the businesses that are ready to reach the customers and present their projects for sale. Mark Nosworthy agrees. “With a fresh perspective on servicing both buyers and sellers in Bangladesh, Bproperty can provide a service to all consumers, at any budget and in any location. We have a full range of properties available, allowing for buyers and sellers to connect in an efficient manner, at any budget and in any location, and with a third party involved within the transaction, this allows for trust to be brought back into the property industry.”


Bproperty fulfills the needs of the real estate developer by “working as the expert and trusted sales and marketing team that will promote their saleable projects.” As the company’s large database expands, which Nosworthy says is already the largest in Bangladesh, Bproperty offers the unique opportunity to the developers of making saleable real estate projects visible to a wide range prospective foreign buyers, owing to its strong presence in international markets such as the UAE.

Apart from facilitating business between developers and buyers, the property portal serves individual property owners by enabling them to find reliable buyers quickly. But the aspect of Bproperty that will be most visible and valuable to the mass customer base is its highly developed portal at The search results are presented in user friendly list that are equipped with all the necessary details, including adequate description of the property, pictures and icons showing the key features.

This helps renters and landlords to easily connect with each other. With a usable database and the services of bproperty available at the fingertips, people can now bypass the hassle of having to roam around their city and hoping to find a right match. The landlords can just list their property at the portal by calling Bproperty hotline number and have the service team take care of the rest. The company has a considerable offline presence alongside its e-commerce site giving consumers access to trusted expert advice face to face and covering all aspects of the property purchase decision. ■

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