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From The Editor October 2018

Dear readers, If the tech-startups are given the appropriate opportunities, these small companies will change the country. The positive impact on the economy is a given and that is certainly important, but how this change will manifest in the people’s lives is very significant. The impact will be enormous. And look

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From the Editor June 2018

Dear readers, Bangladesh’s IT sector is different from other sectors. There are dreams and visions associated with it which show greater potential of realising than most other sectors at the moment. That’s why the government’s daredevil leap into the domain of satellite doesn’t feel such a leap. Concerns however exist, and

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From The Editor May 2018

Dear readers, Globalization never felt closer than it does now with incessant advancement of technology. The economic and political realities of the world prevent it from becoming a vehicle for free exchange of trade and ideas as it should be , but some good effects do reach the general public, and

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