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AIUB enables virtual classrooms with Microsoft

As schools around the world respond to COVID-19, the need for remote learning tools has never been more urgent. American International University Bangladesh (AIUB), one of the leading private universities in the country is enabling virtual learning for 13,000 students with Microsoft 365 Education, which provides a customized hub for

Research Paper For Sale

There are various resources to discover a research paper available. A business may have it on consignment, a hobbyist can lease it, even a student can find a professor to give it to them etc. Research papers can be rented by a student from the library at a publication. The world

Academic institutions to remain off till August 6

In a bid to stop the further spread of coronavirus the Ministry of Education has decided to extend the shutdown of schools and colleges across Bangladesh till August 6. Primary and Mass Education Secretary Md Akram-al-Hossainon said to Fintech today, “The existing closure of schools and colleges across the country will

DPS School undertakes proactive measures to assist parents and students

The pandemic has been a time where patience and perseverance have been the two most important assets. Through these times of hardship, DPS STS School has undertaken many proactive measures for students and parents in various ways. Earlier, the School had already communicated with the parents that all due tuition fees

Academic institutions not opening now: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on May 31 ruled out the possibility of opening educational institutions immediately. She said, students are the future of the country and the government does not want to put them at risk. She also said, "Educational institutions may not be opened but we want to advance step by step

CUHK Business School Research Shows Wuhan Lockdown Significantly Cut COVID-19 Infections

Raymond Ma, Managing Editor, China Business Knowledge, CUHK To combat the spread of COVID-19, the Chinese government imposed an unprecedented and controversial lockdown on Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, starting on the morning of January 23, and then in other Hubei cities several days later. Under the order

DPS STS Dhaka provides free-of-charge online preparatory classes

The school is providing the online classes without any charge for Cambridge Board Examination candidates. Many boards across the world, including IB and Cambridge, have decided to cancel their current examinations and suggest to schools to provide predictive grading based on students’ past year’s class performance due to the outbreak of coronavirus