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Working in areas including food, health, education, shelter, clothing, entertainment, environment, information technology, and renewable energy, cooperative and social business, Bestway Group started in Bangladesh as a CSR initiative in 1998. It emerged as a private limited company in 2004 and currently has 30 sister concerns. Md Mizanur Rahman, the Chairman


A K M Monirul Hoque is passionate about developing the insurance industry in Bangladesh. He attended many seminars and symposiums all over the world and likes to study global models and approaches in order to implement new and innovative ideas in Bangladesh. Mr. Hoque loves travelling because he believes that

‘We want to re-imagine a brand like us can play in the life of a customer’

Tasked with the job of driving customer strategies, marketing stategies and delivering them in the market across ten countries in Asia, Sanjeev Kapur took up the position of MetLife’s chief marketing officer for Asia last year. MetLife, one of the leading providers of insurance globally, has been operating in Bangladesh

‘I wanted to take banking to the rural people’

The Chairman and CEO of Lockpur Group of Industries and the Chairman of SBAC Bank Limited, Mr S. M. Amzad Hossain is among the most socially responsible industry owners in the country. His efforts to integrate the rural people into his business empire and advance a forward thinking banking structure


Banesh is a Fintech services veteran and pioneer in Technology & Operations management. He has developed & implemented strategies globally including next generation digital capabilities for servicing clients. He has managed senior global responsibilities in Operations, Distribution, Divestures, Integration, Digital Services and a diverse range of technology for over three

‘With the rise of income and the rise of middle class, people are traveling more’

An animated interview with Morshedul Alam Chaklader, CEO of AirAsia Morshedul Alam Chaklader is a many of many calibers. Along with helming a top position in the corporate world, he is honing his entrepreneurship role by venturing into different businesses. He is currently playing the role of CEO of AirAsia in Bangladesh.

‘BARVIDA played an important role in making cars affordable for the middle class’

Interview with BARVIDA president Abdul Haque The owner of renowned automobile dealer Haque’s Bay and the founding president of Bangladesh Reconditioned Vehicles Importers and Dealers Association (BARVIDA) recently spoke to Fintech. Here is an edited excerpt of the interview. Talk a little bit about how you came into this business. I had a

‘Women empowerment should be reality, not a concept’

A little chitchat with WIL President and Visual Artist Nazia Andaleeb Preema A prolific visual artist Nazia Andaleeb Preema has a diversified professional career. She is not only a renowned visual artist and performer but also an influential leader in corporate sector. With her 25 years of professional journey in

‘In the modern world migration is ‘Brain Circulation’ rather than ‘Brain Drain”

Interview with Canadian immigration expert Dr. Md Jamilur Rahim An acclaimed Canadian immigration consultant, Dr Md Jamilur Rahim is the key person behind Scotia Consultants. He is the president and chief executive officer of the firm. Dr Rahim is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and a good standing member of Immigration