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‘We have a fantastic network but our competitive advantage is our corporate culture and the constant strategy over 22 years’

Appointed last year as the CEO of Grameenphone, Michael Foley has been with Telenor Group for the past four years. During this period Foley served as the CEO of Telenor Bulgaria and as CEO of Telenor Pakistan. With over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and operations in the

‘We have one of the youngest fleets in the world’

Biman’s headquarter—the Balaka building—would remind anyone of the bygone days. Post-and-beam structures with marble mill-decking floors; the dusty, drafty, energy-inefficient building also has lousy acoustics. Inside, on the first floor, sits a man of modern thoughts—Shakil Meraj, the General Manager (Public Relations) of Biman Bangladesh Airlines. The Fintech team recently went

‘Access to Finance is still a major impediment to do any kind of business in Bangladesh’

There is a distinction of being a pioneer that Shofiul Alam, an amiable individual in his early 30’s, can always attest to. He is the founder and CEO of the first online marketplace for freelancers in Bangladesh. His initiative has allowed thousands of freelancers including designers, writers or IT professionals the

The future is with technology and there is no other way to it

On September 26, Guardian Life Insurance became the first insurance company in the country to bring digital Online Term Life Insurance—‘Easylife.’ In Bangladesh’s context, the company thus can be called a market mover. At the helm of the company, sits its Managing Director M M Monirul Alam who has already retained

‘Mobile network by itself is an instrument that works as an enabler’

In Bangladesh’s technology arena, TIM Nurul Kabir is a known face. Having helmed the top policymaking positions of different trade bodies related to IT and telecom, Mr Kabir has seen it all, firsthand, in a career spanning nearly three decades. He has just retired from his position as the CEO and

We are not just the leading CBS provider, we are also ahead as ICT solution provider

LEADS is a leading ICT Solution Provider in Bangladeshthat started its operation in the 90s and became one of the pioneer local solution providers of Core Banking System to banks as well as for non-banking financial institutions. Fintech spoke to the company’s CTO and CFO Masud Parvez FCA. Here is

We will roll out across the whole of Bangladesh by this year and we will have 10 thousand service providers in our platform by then

As part of the cover story Fintech sat down for an hour-long interview with co-founder and COO Ilmul Haque Sajib at the company’s office in Gulshan 2. Especially busy for the big upcoming event at the end of the month, Sajib nevertheless made time to speak to Fintech about

‘To make an insurance company profitable, the management first needs to expand and strengthen the field network’

Habibur Rahman has a vast experience in the insurance sector. A business graduate from the Dhaka University, Mr. Rahman has worked his way up to sit in a senior management position of a top insurance company in the country. He is currently holding the position of the Deputy Managing Director

We will be able to cover the whole of Dhaka city by December and hope to make maids smartphone-ready eventually

Started operating as a maid service business only seven months ago, Hellotask has been evolving and reshaping itself constantly. Within its short lifespan, the Dhaka based on-demand maid service has connected hundreds of verified maids with local customers through its mobile application. Fintech talked to the company’s co-founder and CEO


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