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Facebook tops in net profit per employee

Facebook came out on top with over $600,000 in a research by PostBeyond that revealed how the tech companies listed in the Fortune 500 compare for profit made per employee. In the research conducted by PostBeyond, an online marketing company that specializes in selling over social and employer branding, Apple

88 Percent of Respondents Identify Investing in IT Operations as Key to Driving Preemptive Practices and an Enhanced Customer Experience

Cisco on November 1 announced the launch of its new IT Operations Readiness Index revealing how data is transforming the way businesses operate their IT, a press note from the company said. The Index surveyed more than 1,500 senior IT leaders from across the globe to understand where organizations are on

E-commerce and its growth in Bangladesh

The term e-Commerce or electronic commerce is related to online transactions. The technology generally stands for online retail shopping or buying and/or selling products or services through internet.Currently the successful use of e-Commercetechnology is one of the most important factors for the sustainability of a business. The worldwide expansion of

Rapoo brings multi-mode wireless mouse

Rapoo Technology, an expert in wireless peripheral technology, is dedicated to providing its best products to global customers with high-performance and high-quality wireless service. Rapoo (Global Brand is its authorized distributor) ofPrivate Ltd., recently brought for its customer a multi-mode wireless mouse that intelligently connects via Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0 and 2G

‘We are successful because banks around the world can trust our system’

The CEO of Kona I and the chairman of its Bangladeshi arm Kona Software Lab, Cho Jung-il said that Bangladesh has made big strides in digital payment and security software in the past few years and the country still has enormous unexploited potential. Jung-il made the comments While visiting Bangladesh

ICT for human, or human for ICT?

Couple of days back a news through international media caught attraction of all. A Chinese woman recently found herself unable to use the fingers on her right hand after spending her entire week-long vacation playing video games on her smartphone. According to a video documenting her bizarre case, the only time


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