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ED MASLAVECKAS CEO and Co-founder Bud Financial Bud is a digital bank manager that helps people find the best usage for their money through smart analytics and recommending them financial products that are suited to their lifestyles and needs. We use transactional and behavioral data to put intelligence behind our product matching.

The Challenges Ahead

Fintech startup companies are fast-growing financial technology firms embracing the new opportunities offered by technology and enjoying the profits from them. However, as large as the fintech opportunities are, they are also complex and have many pitfalls for even the most experienced entrepreneur. So considering the challenges comes first in

‘The Organization Or People With Money Still Have A Trust Issue About A New Startup’

Mustafizur Khan is an entrepreneur, angel investor, startup community organiser and a marketer with over 17 years of experience of heading teams across diverse industries in Asia. He started his career as an entrepreneur managing an engineering SBU and later managed brand like HSBC in several countries. He co founded

‘Bangladeshi Startups Are Stuck In A Powerpoint Culture’

Generally speaking, any new business initiative comes under the ambit of ‘startup’. But the term became synonymous with ICT startups because that is what we talk about all the time. So, there is a commonly accepted perception that startups should be supported and some of them should get sponsorship from