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Facebook boosts power and cuts price of VR headset

Facebook has unveiled its second-generation Oculus Quest virtual reality headset, promising higher-quality visuals at a significantly lower price than many had predicted. It also revealed two blockbuster franchises - Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell - were being developed for the platform. The firm has been unable to meet demand for the

US schoolgirls rely on Taco Bell internet in ‘digital divide’

A photo of two girls so desperate for internet access to do online schoolwork that they sat outside a California Taco Bell fast food restaurant has spotlighted educational disparity caused by the "digital divide." The image of the children, whose faces were covered with heart-shaped graphics to protect their identities, caught

Problem at US telecoms giant causes global internet outages

WASHINGTON (AFP)  A bug involving US-based telecoms giant CenturyLink briefly interrupted internet service in several global markets Sunday, affecting popular streaming services, gaming platforms and webcasts of European soccer, the company and specialized media reported. "We are able to confirm that all services impacted by today's IP outage have been restored..."

BRAC Bank credit cardholders also eligible for self-registration to Internet Banking services

BRAC Bank has announced to enable self-registration to its Internet Banking service by using credit cards as well. Earlier, the sign-up process was open to the bank’s debit cardholders only, the bank said in a press release. BRAC Bank customers can now avail of the Bank’s Internet Banking service by visiting and

The Rise and Rise of Blockchain

Muhammad Nur Yanhaona, Ph.D Since the genesis of Bitcoin that ushered it, the blockchain technology has attracted widespread enthusiasm in the technology community for its revolutionary approach to decentralization of trust and security of information management. The blockchain technology has shown—for the first time—that it is possible to manage a

What are the key Tech Trends in a Post-COVID-19 World?

COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of digital readiness, which allows business and people’s life to continue as usual during pandemics. Building the necessary infrastructure to support a digitized world and stay current in the latest technology will be essential for any business or country to remain competitive in a post-COVID-19

ERA Infotech works with RPA to promote the country’s financial inclusion

Robotic process automation (RPA) refers to creating and deploying a software robot with the ability to launch and operate other software. In a sense, the basic concept is similar to traditional manufacturing automation, which focuses on taking one portion of a workflow or even just one task and creating a

‘This is the perfect time for realizing the goal of a digital Bangladesh’

BASIS senior vice president Farhana A. Rahman says the current pandemic provides a unique opportunity for implementing all the projects that will lead the country closer to the vision of a digital Bangladesh The ongoing pandemic has impacted all sectors, causing everyone to doubt the financial security of their respective fields.