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ZKTeco brings touchless temperature detection module

TDM95E is a USB Module used for Temperature Detection, applicable to both T&A and A&C devices of ZKTeco. Coronavirus pandemic recently prompted workplaces to implement innovative forms of tracking and managing staff and visitors. To cater to the growing demand of these products and to ensure innovative touch-less way of controlling entry-exit

“Path to Apple Card” helps improve card worthiness

Apple is launching a “Path to Apple Card” program intended to help declined Apple Card applicants improve their credit worthiness, according to reports. The program will start popping up as an optional method for those who want to get an Apple Card but didn’t have the required credit score. Then, they can choose to

Lesson from remote working

Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a status in his verified Facebook account regarding remote working on May 22. I just spoke with our employees about what we've learned about remote working and how we're planning to support it moving forward. I know many other organizations are thinking about this

FinTech can’t tackle financial services without tackling its diversity problem

Chris Skinner  I blog about so many things. Sure, most of the time it’s FinTech, banking and technology. Sure, most of the time it’s about the future, the outlook, the ideas. But quite often I find myself returning to topics that I’m passionate about: diversity, equality, inclusion, climate protection, the

Social credit: the dark side of blockchain

As much as I believe that blockchain technology has the potential to solve many of the problems humanity faces today, I also fear what can happen if blockchain technology is used to take away the privacy and rights of individuals, wrote technology executive and former hacker Trent Lapinski in an

It’s the FinTech Era

FinTech is becoming increasingly important. People in the developed world are already familiar with its ever growing existence. But in Bangladesh it is still quite obscure as a concept, even though we, too, benefit from it. This is a good time to get more familiar with the term FinTech and