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Facebook partners with Bangladeshi organizations on mental health

Facebook is making it easier for users in Bangladesh to connect with helplines by partnering with local organizations in an effort to support and raise awareness on mental health. According to a 2019 survey, nearly 17 percent of adults in Bangladesh are suffering from mental health issues, and 92 percent among them don’t seek professional

ZKTeco brings new facial recognition and thermal image detection terminal

Based on the existing firmware and hardware configuration, this access control & body temperature detection and masked individual identification system ensures security and safety from germs by reducing dependency The renowned biometric security solutions giant, ZKTeco has introduced a new range of product, the G4[TI], for local market. G4[TI], is a

Role of PKI in Chip Card Payment Security

Abdullah Al-Shamim The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is an infrastructure that includes man, machine and a set of guidelines to issue, manage, distribute and use Public Key certificates owned by the PKI entities. It also plays a significant role in authenticating a chip card by its Issuer. Two different cryptographic mechanisms are used in a payment

Artificial Intelligence Workforce

Mahbub A Alam Digitization’s process of banking system in Bangladesh started in early 80’s. Since its inception, our Bangladeshi programmers have been working tremendously for the development of different types of digital record keeping systems for banks.  Bankers are now tired to input heavy volume of records and balancing their entries due to financial inclusions and

Google launches strong encryption for Android messages

WASHINGTON (AFP) Photo: Los Angeles Times Google said recently it will be rolling out end-to-end encryption for Android users, making it harder for anyone — including law enforcement — to read the content of messages. “End-to-end encryption ensures that no one, including Google and thirdparties, can read the content of your

“STEAM” Endeavors: Spirited Approach Can Create Differences

As the whole word excitedly keeps following results of US Presidential election; today (November 8) marks another interesting occasion- “STEAM Day”. “STEAM” is actually an extended version of the more commonly known abbreviation “STEM”; having a full form of “Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math”. From general perspective, most people may be able to correlate the

US judge sets up fresh roadblock in Trump bid to ban TikTok

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) Representational Image: The Ghana Report A US federal judge on Friday issued an injunction temporarily blocking an executive order by President Donald Trump aimed at banning TikTok, throwing up a legal roadblock ahead of a November 12 deadline. The order would have knocked the Chinese-owned video-sharing app offline

Banglalink first to introduce Mobile Data Plan with Android in Bangladesh

Customers using Android devices to get convenient data check and purchase facility. Banglalink has introduced “Mobile Data Plan”, a self-care service for Android users, as the first digital service provider in the country. By using the service, Banglalink prepaid customers with Android devices will be able to check and manage their data

TallyKhata App Digitizing Small Businesses in Bangladesh

TallyKhata, an easy-to-use mobile app for small businesses, is free and can be used without Internet. It records sale, purchase and expense transactions, helps in credit recovery, and provides profit and cash reports. The app eliminates the pains and hassles of traditional manual ledgers including incorrect entries, calculation errors and