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EU chief gives first ‘State of the Union’ speech

BRUSSELS (AFP) EU chief Ursula von der Leyen will champion plans to relaunch Europe’s coronavirus-devastated economy through a green new deal Wednesday, in her annual State of the European Union address. The president of the European Commission, Brussels’ top official and a former minister in German conservative Angela Merkel’s government, will

‘The financial crises are happening because of the big defaulters, not because of SMEs’

Anyone watching BTV English News bulletin will immediately recognize Sangita Ahmed. But media personality is but one front of Ms Ahmed’s multi-faceted professional engagements. A passionate entrepreneur, Sangita Ahmed has been involved in business since her early 20s, as we find out during our interview with her. A much warmer

Inspiring Bangladesh: The First Social Fintech Venture in South East Asia

Imran Fahad Inspiring Bangladesh Ltd. is a social good company promoting inspirational stories of Bangladeshis around the globe and the users get a voucher to inspire people and motivated people may share their positive stories & achievements. Bangladesh has got a lot of superheroes in individual sectors, but most of them

Optimization of Profitability Vis-A-Vis reinforcement of financial health of Banks/Financial Institutions

Bankers now-a-days because of growing awareness prioritize to extend purpose oriented credit facilities with required security/ collateral support. So it becomes of imperative need to exercise due diligence in the process of credit assessment focusing on the borrower’s business dynamics and operational aspects to ensure optimal credit flow to the


Documentaries can be the victims of bad timing, and that to some extent is the case with Floored—a 2009 documentary which chronicles the plight of veteran Chicago futures traders as they struggle to adapt to new, fast-paced computer technologies. Floored offers an interesting insight into the world of stocks, high frequency

Brazil economy minister hit by loss of 2 top deputies

RIO DE JANEIRO, AFP – Brazilian economy minister Paulo Guedes said Tuesday two of his top deputies had resigned in a “stampede,” news that could rattle market confidence in his reform agenda for Latin America’s biggest economy. Guedes, the powerful free-market guru to far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, is battling to steer