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Covid-19: DPS STS School takes emergency steps

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The regular education system is getting standstill due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, DPS STS School has been at the forefront in conducting online classes for all its students. In addition, DPS STS School has proactively announced several beneficial measures for parents.

The school in the meantime has contacted the parents to pay due tuition fees within a fortnight after the end of the current government holidays.

There will be no tuition fee hike for 2020-2021; further, yearly tuition fee payment has been converted into 10 installments instead of 4, and there is an ongoing negotiation with credit card companies for paying tuition fees at 0% (interest-free) EMI. Adjusting for the holiday period, the transportation charges collected in advance will also be credited to parents when the new session begins.

DPS STS School Principal Harsh Wal stated, “This is an unprecedented situation that the education system across the globe is facing. Overcoming all challenges, DPS STS School has ensured seamless continuity of high-quality education through the online medium.

We have given our best to support our students, parents, teachers, and every relevant stakeholder during this crisis. I am very pleased to note the most enthusiastic response of parents and students to our online classes, with over 85% registration.”

“The School’s fundamental aim is to keep our education system not only functional, but delivering high-class education now and going forward. We are ensuring our full responsibilities towards our teachers, as well as staff and support staff who have families to support too. They are the pillars of our education system. We are also not compromising student health and safety measures and conducting all regular maintenance of critical equipment. The School continues to keep in close contact with students and parents to counsel and support them in the most efficient manner possible,” stated Wal. 

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