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Digital initiatives play roles to combat Covid-19 in Khulna

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Different digital initiatives taken by district administration is playing a vital role to combat Covid-19 in Khulna.

The innovative initiatives, based on different digital apps and software, are ensuring maximum use of information and communication technology to battle against the outbreak of coronavirus.

These cybernetic apps launched in the last four months accordingly.

The digital apps and software are – ‘Emergency Medical Services Khulna (Health management)’, ‘Non-Government Humanitarian Assistance Cell’(Relief Distribution), ‘Door to Door Khulna (D2DK)’, ‘Hater Muthoy Kunca Bazar’, ‘Digital Sundarbans Protein House’, ‘Ghore Bose Krishi Bazzar Kori’, the digital apps based on agriculture, poultry and dairy management, ‘Krishoker Hashi’ and ‘Digital Rice Procurement’, the digital apps based on paddy procurement from the farmers, ‘Digital Primary Education Khulna’ and Digital Secondary Education Khulna’, an Interactive Online Teaching platform based on Youtube channel and two Facebook Page, ‘Online Medicine Mart Khulna’ and ‘Online Qurbani Hat Khulna’, a Website and Mobile app.

In this regard, Khulna deputy commissioner Md Helal Hossain told BSS today that Khulna is keeping pace with the whole country by taking Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) based preventive initiatives.

Management, monitoring, coordination and innovation – these four key activities are being conducted by the district administration even in midst coronavirus crisis which have so far been highly appreciated across the country, he said.

He added that the ‘Emergency Medical Services Khulna’ app has been introduced under the programme of ‘Providing Home to Emergency Medical Service in Corona Crisis through Digital System’ of district administration in collaboration with Khulna Shishu Hospital.

‘Non-Government Humanitarian Aid Cell’ was set up aiming to provide food aid at the doorsteps to the destitute people and ‘Door 2 Door Khulna (D2DK) app has been launched so that the people, who want to maintain privacy, can apply for essential goods.

Three digital apps- ‘Haater Muthoy Kuncha Bazzar,’ ‘Sundarbans Protein House’ and ‘Ghore Bose Krishi Bazaar Kori’, have been launched so that marginal farmers can be benefited through proper marketing and people can get necessary things at fair prices, the DC said.

He, however, said that ‘Digital Rice Procurement’ app has been opened for the first time in Bangladesh with an aim to coordinate with the government’s rice procurement activities, ensuring transparent and easy financial transactions.

Through this app, rice is being procured from suitable millers according to the terms and condition of the contract, he said.

Responding to rising demand, an online education system was introduced for the students as the educational institutions remain closed due to coronavirus (Codiv-19) pandemic, he said.

Khulna district administration in collaboration with the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education and the Directorate of Primary Education has launched two dedicated ICT based recorded educational video contents on YouTube channels and Facebook pages for secondary and higher secondary students.

Besides, Sundarbans Online School has started online class for the students in Khulna with a view to continuing the educational activities amid the changing situation.

The district administration also launched a mobile app based digital cattle market for selling and buying sacrificial animals ahead of Eid-ul Azha, keeping in mind the health and safety of the farmers and buyers during the situation of coronavirus outbreak.

The district administration in association with Khulna City Corporation and district Livestock Department has taken initiative to run mobile app based online cattle market namely “Online Qurbani Hat Khulna” to help the marginal cattle farmers of the district who are in dire situation due to the deadly coronavirus ahead of Eid-Ul-Azha.

Online android platform based these apps are now available on Google Play Store and anyone can download it free of cost.

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