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From fake buttons to dodgy torrent sites and malvertising in Facebook and other popular sites, the risks of getting virus-ed are everywhere in the words of ones and zeros. However, with little basic “education,” you can reduce the problem of viruses and malware, and finally enjoy the internet on your own terms

To be frank adult sites are much popular. A survey says that in 2017 the site got a staggering 28.5 billion hits. That’s more than 81 million a day! So is it fictitious that do adult sites really exploit their numerous visitors to spread malware? Perhaps not. Their creators earn money from views and all-too-familiar advertising.

Viruses, Trojans, and other malicious invaders would hurt paying customers, and that’s the last thing the sites want.

Cybercriminals, however, are not exaggeratedly worried about other people’s business models. And the reputation of those sites has not gone unnoticed. So every now and then they hack porn resources or the advertising platforms that host banners on them. As a result, fans of adult clips are lured onto “dating sites” that persuade them into coughing up confidential data or downloading fake apps that steal everything on the sly.

Android malware is out there as well, and 25% of it is porn-related not an insignificant proportion by any stretch. But the flip side is that the remaining 75% has nothing to do with adult content, so it would be reckless to think you are 100% safe just because you don’t have any porn related apps on your smartphone.

So to sum up, you need to avoid on porn sites are not too different from those you might come upon anywhere else in cyberspace that means the protection measures are the same. You don’t need to get worried much. You know what you should do to avoid malware or viruses.

Malevolent activity is barely specific to porn. Scammers may sometimes apply the same procedures to anything that attracts many viewers or downloaders. Malware also paves its way into media sites, Google ads, and even forked projects on different hubs.

Hence, what output finally comes up? Is it fact or fictitious idea that all malware comes from adult sites? The big ‘NO’ will be the answer. There is indeed a risk of infection on porn sites and adult content apps, but that’s also true for sites completely unrelated to porn. Whatever you’re looking for, use your common sense that will help you avoid harms. Bear in mind that your common sense will be your reliable protection.

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