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DPS STS Dhaka provides free-of-charge online preparatory classes

The school is providing the online classes without any charge for Cambridge Board Examination candidates.

Many boards across the world, including IB and Cambridge, have decided to cancel their current examinations and suggest to schools to provide predictive grading based on students’ past year’s class performance due to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Hence, Delhi Public School of STS group (DPS STS Dhaka School), a full Cambridge curriculum institution that regularly showcases world toppers, is among the leading schools in the Asian subcontinent which have been conducting extremely successful online classes with above 85% participation from its students during this pandemic, has started offering online preparatory classes for all its board examination candidates. The classes have started on May 10, 2020, and will continue throughout the entire summer.

Predictive assessment based on students last year’s performance can work as a disadvantage to numerous candidates as these students may perform may have performed better in final exams than how they performed in the class examinations. Moreover, there is no guarantee that higher educational institutions around the world will easily accept predictive grades. Hence, Cambridge Examination Boards have provided an option for candidates to repeat their final examinations during October-November 2020 session.

However, all online classes have been suspended due to summer holidays. Therefore, DPS STS Dhaka has started to conduct online classes for the candidates. Considering both the financial hardships being faced by parents, and students’ preparation requirements, DPS STS School – which has already provided extensive financial support to parents in the form of EMIs for tuition fee payment and freeze in tuition fee hikes – has come forward to provide absolutely without-charge summer holidays online preparatory classes for all its board exam candidates.

Madhu Wal, Principal, Delhi Public School Dhaka said, “The pandemic has already impacted over 72 percent of the learners who have been enrolled in different educational institutions around the world. On top of it, the decision of the Cambridge Examination Board cancelling the exams and making assessments based on previous year’s class exams can create issues for the students. To prevent such issues, we have decided to conduct online classes for the candidates and without any charge. We can understand that parents are facing financial hardships as the pandemic has brought the economy at a standstill.”

The teachers for the board preparatory online classes have developed extensive lesson plans and will focus on the topics where the students need further support. Individual queries of the candidates will also be solved during the online classes.

Also, a series of mock tests have been designed to assess the candidates’ progression through the preparatory classes. Afterwards, feedback will be provided to the students regarding necessary improvements.

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