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Ektee Bari Ektee Khamar (One House One Farm) or EBEK is a unique model of digital poverty alleviation project of the government of Bangladesh. The goal of the project is alleviation of poverty from the country through e-financial inclusion. It involves forming of village cooperatives comprising of 60 people, 40 of whom are women, who will sit together at the front yards of their home to take decision independently. Government is giving money to the members and the village cooperative (samity) directly as grants for their primary capital twice of their own deposit to use it as revolving fund. The fund lies with the account of the village cooperatives, and not to any other agencies or samity – it is their permanent fund. They will use it for generation after generation. The project covers 40527 villages in 4503 unions under 491 Upazillas of the country. The project will enable the rural poor and the community people to find for self-employment opportunities, who are yet to connect to formal financial services.

It is also meant to eradicate poverty by providing best financial services to unbanked people. Access to finance is undoubtedly a necessity for the poor people and microcredit plays a big role in getting poor people access to the financial sector. It represents a series of exciting possibilities for extending markets, reducing poverty and fostering social change. It covers all stages of a loan cycle for groups and individuals, and automates credit decision for both financial and social requirements.

• Project Brief

• Location: All (85,000) villages of the country comprising 60 members for each Village Cooperative

• Each village cooperative have a unique ID • Each cooperative member has an individual ID card like NID

• All data processed through a software and preserved in National Datacenter

• Each financial transaction is done through mobile banking and/or SMS which is reflected in the central server

• Online monitoring through the system by different level of authority (PMO, PD, DC, UNO etc.)

Present Status:

• Project Objective:

• Firstly, to provide a uniform solution for micro finance management to eradicate poverty of marginal people through deposit and loan mobilization.

• Secondly, to provide secured and low cost financial services driven by latest technology for financial inclusion.

• Thirdly, to provide cost-effective solution that contributes to financial empowerment, employment and socio-economic development.

• Stakeholders

Unique Features:

• Integrated with Banking Channel

• Digital Dashboard

• Fully Web Based

• Centralized administration

• Each operation is mapped with a unique ID

• Beneficiary selection committee (BSC) can create different type of memberships

• Each village is treated like an organization which is ID generated through system

• Similarly, individual ID card like NID generates for each member through system

• Anywhere, Any Device Accessibility (Smart phones, tabs, laptops etc.)

• Low Bandwidth (min 512 kbps) & Highly Scalable

Features & Functionalities:

• Cooperative & Member Management

• Deposit & Loan Mobilization

• Grants Management

• Multi-level Monitoring

• Real time consolidated reports

• Highly customizable and parameterized

• Unlimited member of groups and users

• Quick and easy data backup and restore Work flow between Individuals, Cooperatives & Banks. Contribution to the Society:

• Empowerment of Marginal People

• Entrepreneur Development

• Extending Financial Literacy

• Building Community Bondage

• Creating leaders


• Remote people has been connected in the financial inclusion.

• Women are empowered by financial and technical support and literacy.

• Savings accustom is growing among the mass marginal people.

• Entrepreneurship is growing among the individual and in the group.

• Transparency & Accountability has been established in each and every transaction.

• Financial and technical literacy at the doorstep of the mass people.

• Faster and convenient processing of transactions, loans and member registration.

• Increased customer service efficiency, with faster transaction, loan and group processing.

• Each financial transaction is done through Mobile Banking which is reflected in the system’s central server.

• Automation of traditional deposit and loan process.

• Automation of loan processing , repayment, reschedule and classification.

• Country, Division, District, Upazilla, Union, Samity and Individual’s transaction and information monitoring system. ■

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