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Embracing Technology to Combat Climate Change

We are now at the peak of summer time when scorching heat waves are moving across many parts of the globe. In fact, June 2019 was the hottest June ever for this planet since global temperature measurements started 140 years ago.

The impact is quite well visible in different countries. Like: few days back Kuwait experienced the highest ever temperature on earth reaching 63 degree celsius. In Bahrain, temperature continuously remained above than 40 degree celsius for record 2 weeks. Across Europe, new temperature records kept occurring in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium. Canada and northern US are continuously experiencing severe heat waves. Wildfires have been observed in Siberia, Alaska, Greenland; while risk of snow melting due to increased heat well exist in those arctic areas. Bangladesh’s highest temperature this season was 42 degrees Celsius recorded in Jashore. Even in southern hemisphere where it is usually winter at this time of the year, temperature is remaining well above average in countries like Argentina, South Africa.  With the global temperature remaining 0.95 degrees celsius above than usual average, June 2019 was the planet’s hottest June since climate recording started in 1880.

In recent times, nature has become adverse to the human beings as we are observing frequent occurrence of natural disasters like cyclone, flood, earthquake,  snowfall in different parts of the globe. For Bangladesh, the concerns are well visible in different forms. Due to global warming, about 17 percent of the coastal areas of Bangladesh are at risk of getting submerged in the sea by 2050. Let alone various other impacts across the country.

For long, we have remained familiar with the terms like: global warming- greenhouse impact; on which huge scale of endeavors have been taking place worldwide starting from highest level of global leaders up to the individuals. Ultimate impact of these remain questionable as long as we achieve visible success to combat climate change. However, considering the gradually alarming scenario, it seems high time that individual action embraced with technology needs to be highlighted to prevent catastrophic future.

So what can be the basic individual effort in this regard ? Let us consider one particular activity- tree plantation. It is needless to discuss about the environmental contribution of trees along with its numerous other benefits. However, if each and every one person is requested to ensure plantation and lifelong growth of a tree, then some particular support requirements may arise, where technology can play a good role. For example : the agricultural sector is going to face enormous challenges in order to feed the 9.6 billion people of the planet by 2050, for which food production must continue increasing in spite of the limited availability of arable lands and fresh water along with severe impact of climate change transforming seasonal events in the life cycle of plant and animals.One way to address these issues  is  to make farms more intelligent and  connected through 壮mart farming・ technologies. It is already happening in several places including Bangladesh  by collection of  vast info from crop yields, soil-mapping, fertiliser applications, weather data, machinery, and animal health (like: body temperature-puls, the animal activity and location).

Similarly, smart gardening can help both novice and experienced gardeners to adopt and implement real-life techniques for efficient management of their gardens. Smart indoor gardening system has several features such as smart light, smart data, smart soil and smart nutrition; which ensure that the plants in indoor garden will get optimal amount of water, oxygen, and nutrients. Smart indoor gardening system enable user to grow fresh herbs, fruits, and flowers with innovative technologies.

Effective implementation of such technologies can assist to strengthen our efforts to combat climate change. It has indeed become essential for all of us to act as much as possible (in individual, community or state capacities) to save the planet; before it becomes too late.

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