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Facebook launches Instagram Lite in Bangladesh

Facebook has launched Instagram Lite in Bangladesh in order to provide access to all users, irrespective of the device, platform and network they are on. This lightweight version of the Instagram app for Android uses minimal data, similar to Facebook Lite. 

Built using Bloks technology, Instagram Lite is less than 2 MB in size – considerably less than the full-size version, which is close to 30 MB. The new product is currently rolling out to over 170 countries and available for download on Android’s Playstore. People who want to install this new version will be able to load it quickly and experience improved performance, speed, and better responsiveness. 

Speaking of the launch, Jordi Fornies, APAC Director of Emerging Markets at Facebook said, “Instagram gives people a platform to connect with loved ones, share photos, or find inspiration from the content others are sharing. We are excited to bring Instagram Lite to Bangladesh; now everyone can enjoy the core features of the Instagram experience, no matter what device or network they are using. Even in rural or remote communities where connectivity is unstable or slow, people can use this new, lightweight version.”

Facebook company’s policies and enforcement against abuse, hate speech and violence apply to its family of apps, including Instagram and Instagram Lite, to ensure that it is a safe and positive platform for all.

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