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Four companies selected for mobile tower licences

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has selected four tower companies as eligible for getting licences with which they would manage the mobile towers of different telecom operators.

The telecom regulator has selected the four companies out of eight applicants through a ‘beauty contest’ method.

During the commission special meeting on August 5, the BTRC decided to issue a letter to the Post and Telecommunication Division, asking for its guidance on this matter.

Among the four companies selected, edotco, which has been providing tower management services to the telecom operators for the last few years, has secured the top spot. The other selected companies are: TASC Summit Tower, ISON Tower Bangladesh Private Ltd and AB Hi-Tech Consortium Ltd.

According to the BTRC, advertisements and guidelines on the awarding of these licenses were published in January this year. A total of eight companies had submitted applications within the deadline of June 11. A 15-member committee evaluated those applications and gave marks to each of the applicants.

Among the applicants, edotco received 91 out of 100 marks. The Malaysia-based company, aided by its local partner Green Core Tower Company Ltd, is already doing tower business after obtaining a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the telecom regulator.

TSC Summit Tower got 88 out of 100 marks. The company’s local partner is Summit Communication Ltd. Its foreign partners are TASC Tower and Global Holding Corporation Private Ltd.

ISON Tower Bangladesh Private Ltd secured the third spot with 85 marks. Its local partner is Confidence Power Holding Ltd and foreign partner is ESP Tower Singapore Ltd.

AB Hi-Tech Consortium Ltd secured the fourth spot with 82 marks. This company’s local partners are ADN Telecom, AB Hi-tech International Ltd, ZN Enterprise Ltd, Synergy Logistic Ltd and Orange Digital Ltd, while its foreign partners are China Communication Services International Ltd and Changsu Fengfan Power Equipment Co Ltd.

Among other applications, Jamuna Tower Ltd got 80 marks, FTA Bangladesh Ltd got 75 marks and BD Tower Business Co Ltd received 69 marks.

The state-owned BTCL failed to get any number as it did not have any foreign partner.

The four mobile operators of the country, including the state-owned Teletalk, have more than 30,000 towers. They will operate all the mobile phone towers across the country.

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