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Fu-Wang Foods holds its 23rd AGM

Country’s one of the leading food and beverage companies Fu-Wang Foods Limited held its 23rd annual general meeting at RAWOA Complex on December 18 this year. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Abdul Quader, Chairman of the Board.

Among others Dr. Arif Ahmed Chowdhury, CIP-Managing Director, Mr. Asif Maswood Md Iqbal-Director, Mr. Qazi Tafazzal Hossain-Independent Director, Mr. Sayed Jishan-Independent Director, Md. Sharif Al Mahmood-Company Secretary and a huge number of general shareholders were present at the meeting.

Abdul Quader, Chairman of the Board and Dr. Arif Ahmed Chowdhury, CIP, Managing Director of the Company jointly answered and explained various questions raised by the Shareholders.

Company Secretary Md. Sharif Al Mahmood conducted the meeting.

In the meeting, the shareholders unanimously approved the audited accounts for the year ended June 30, 2019, 2% cash dividend for all the shareholders and other agenda of the Meeting.

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