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Gaze gets funding from US based venture capital firm

Gaze co-founders Motasim Rahman and Shehzad Noor Taus/ Photo: Courtesy

AI startup operating in Singapore and Bangladesh Gaze has announced on Tuesday that it has raised US$830,000 in a seed round from US-based venture capital firm Anchorless Bangladesh with an existing angel investor.

Gaze since its inception has been offering an application programming interface for visual recognition technologies such as face recognition, product recognition, and multilingual optical character recognition often used for documents.

Aimed to be the WordPress or Stripe for visual recognition technologies, Gaze in the next few months will roll out at least four open-source projects, including a toll monitoring system using automatic license plate recognition and a face recognition-enabled contactless attendance system.

Shehzad Noor Taus along with Motasim Rahman founded Gaze in 2018 and from then the company has worked with a city police department to help improve traffic management, a defense agency to help secure their headquarters 24/7, and large factories to track daily vehicle inflow and outflow. Gaze currently is working a team of 23 people across Canada, Singapore and Bangladesh.

Noor previously worked at Nvidia as Deep Learning Software Engineer and IBM as Machine Learning Developer whilst Motasim was a former product chief at Vancouver-based Fireout. Noor studied Computer Science & Mathematics at University of British Columbia and Motasim studied Computer Science at Multimedia University of Malaysia.

For Noor, the real challenge in the industry is scaling the APIs and other solutions available to empower developers globally. “We also have to make sure that our product is extremely easy to use for anyone with or without any computer vision knowledge,” he added, reports the TECHINASIA.

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