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Govt provides cash gift for corona affected family through Rupali Bank SureCash

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on May 14 announced to provide direct cash to 5 million corona affected family as Eid gift. PM said to provide BDT 2,500 to each family via mobile banking to each family, through a video conference from Ganabhaban.

Under this program, Rupali Bank SureCash is directly disbursing 2 billion taka to the mobile account among 8 hundred thousand beneficiaries. Recipients can withdraw the money at SureCash agent points around the country free of charge.

While addressing this initiative of government, Md. Obayed Ullah Al Masud, Managing Director and CEO of Rupali Bank, said, “The people of the country are going through a hard time due to Corona pandemic. This gift from Hon. Prime Minister is a massive help for the informal workers who are unemployed at this time. Being a state-owned bank, we are very proud and grateful to be involved in this program.”

Dr. Shahadat Khan, CEO, SureCash said, “This cashless aid distribution is a milestone for our dream of building Digital Bangladesh. Here many government departments and 4 mobile financial service providers are working together to build a large database of beneficiaries from every nook and corner of the country and disburse government incentive directly to their mobile phones. We believe this is a big step forward to make integrated use of data, technology and experience to deliver better services to the people and take the country forward.”

Concurrently with this program, Rupali Bank SureCash is also distributing primary education stipend to about 14 million students. This stipend money will reach the beneficiary mothers’ mobile accounts before Eid.


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