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Toyota Avanza, a front engine and rear wheel drive, is capable of functioning as a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). With the new third generation Avanza given a facelift, the new look is bold, sharp and premium with new projection type headlamps and newly designed tail lights.

The car is preferred by the customers for three main reasons: seven seats, dual air cooler and high ground clearance. Seven seats help carry more passengers. That means more family friends can travel together. The space can be used when there are fewer passengers and more luggage.

The dual air cooler system provides cool and fresh air for the first row as well as the second and third row passengers. It ensures a comfortable journey, no matter how long, even in the intense hot summer days in Bangladesh.

Higher ground clearance helps to avoid unplanned and rambling speed bumps placed everywhere in the city. In the rainy season when the city roads are submerged the Avanza roam the city like an amphibious vehicle.

The new 1.5 Liter Dual VVTi engine ensures high performance, smooth, responsive acceleration with less fuel consumption as well as less emission. The suspensions are robust, suitable for stable ride even in the poor road conditions.

“In Bangladesh we love to travel with our family and friends. A vehicle that can carry a whole family and friend will be homage to that tradition. This was our guiding principle at the time when we marketed the Avanza back in 2007,” Hamdur Rahaman Simon, the Head of Operation of Navana Limited told Fintech.

Corporate businesses are being benefitted from Avanza, as it can carry more people in sedan’s space.

“The all new Avanza is the new best seller of Navana Limited. The user satisfactions are all time high. The new specious interior with easy to use interface makes it the best MPV in the town,” Simon said.

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