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I have been active on LinkedIn for the past two years, when I built my contacts and followers from nearly zero to over 14,000 people. In 2017 I was named among the LinkedIn Power Profiles in Singapore.

Since then, many people have asked me how did I manage to create such a network and get as much as 120,000 views and 1,000 likes on some of my posts. So here you are – my social media story:

 How it all started?

Strangely enough, I actually started my activity as a social experiment. I was invited to a conference once and made a small post after that. I was surprised to see how much exposure it got – from both my existing base as well as the people who connected with me after the conference.


After that one event I started being invited to multiple events and conferences and it became my habit to always post after them. I realised that the audience list was growing and that I needed to tell people more than just the fact that I was speaking at an event, so I started sharing some traits and thoughts. I later noticed that people were looking forward to reading them, therefore after some time I designed a small series on my leadership principles and thoughts which I named: “Leadership Kaleidoscope with Sonia”. I was positively surprised to see a great interest and reaction to that series. Afterwards, I started sharing my thoughts regarding digital and technology developments – that series attracted a slightly different audience, who wanted to learn more about that specific field.

These days my posts are very diverse – I post about leadership, share my life experiences and thoughts, as well as my views on the changing world of technology and digital transformation. I enjoy the increasing interest of my audience and very friendly reactions to what I post. I recently realised that I have gained a large audience in the US as many of my people as well as my colleagues started following me. I saw that my network has spanned from Asia and Australia into Europe, Africa and now both Americas. It’s amazing for me to see how my “likes” and comments follow the world time clock.

Is it time consuming?

Not really! I diligently post every week and it usually takes me 5-10 minutes to prepare a short post, choose a picture and post it on LinkedIn. Therefore, I don’t believe one can ever be too busy to do that. Interestingly, I usually post about concepts that strike me in a given week. Sometimes it’s a sentence, occasionally an event that made an impact on me, but from time to time it’s just a sudden realisation that I make after weeks or months of thinking about something. When this moment comes, I immediately put the text down and send it to my 19 year old son who is my biggest critic and editor of my posts. Then the post waits for a few days as I usually post on the weekends.

Benefits and Drawbacks

There are certainly many benefits of being active on social media. I got a lot of international visibility thanks to my posts, which allowed me to extend my professional network and meet some amazing people – true innovators and thought leaders. I am regularly contacted by interesting startups and Fintech companies that I can refer to the companies I work at. I gain a lot of inspiration from the messages people send me and the comments they make on my posts. I get invited to a lot of speaking events and influencers’ gatherings that allow me to broaden my mind and extend my professional network.

There are, unfortunately, a few drawbacks as well. One of them is being targeted by random stalkers that I had to block and report as they are making my life slightly difficult at times.

Why am I Doing It?

My motivations are very personal: I have received a lot of guidance and benefited from wisdom of many amazing people that I met on the path of my life. I realised that social media, and especially LinkedIn, is allowing me to share some of the wisdom and experiences that I had the privilege to obtain during my professional career, spanning nearly 25 years. I’m happy to see that many people find my posts useful and relevant. I have noticed that even in a short post different people find different things that they can relate to. It’s an amazing feeling to realise that people feel inspired and empowered after reading my posts. That engagement and the feeling that I can positively contribute to people’s lives is the biggest motivation for my social media activity.


Sonia Wedrychowicz is working as a Managing Director, Head of Technology Transformation Consumer and Community Bank at JPMorgan Chase & Co and has over twenty years of experience in corporate and consumer banking including Islamic banking. Fintech is pleased to publish her write up. This article was originally published on LinkedIn. It is republished herewith permission from author. 


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