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In Pursuance of State of the Art Technologies to Enrich Life

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Kona Software Lab Ltd is the 2nd largest R&D center and global business solution wings of KONA I. It manufactures smart card, develops various state-of-the-art payment and security solutions for global & local partners & clients. Kona Software Lab Ltd is relentlessly working to further improve its product and solutions.

In light of that, Kona I Co., Ltd. is going to open its prepaid card service to the foreigners. Currently this service of the company (named Kona Card), launched in 2016, is available for the South Korean citizens only.With multiple form-factors—mobile wallet (Android, iOS) and card—the Kona Card users enjoy exciting benefits and loyalty programs at various merchants throughout the country.Now the foreigners will be able to avail such offers.South Korea being a very popular tourist destination hosts approximately 1.5 million tourists on an average every month. It is expected by the company that the foreign travelers will benefit from the exciting programs and it will mutually boost the Kona Card revenue.

In the field of blockchain technology, the company is progressing at a rapid pace. In collaboration with Korea Food and Drug Administration (KDFA), recently the company has completed a pilot project on implementation of a blockchain-based food safety system for Vietnam Food Administration (VFA) and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). The pilot will eventually turn into a commercial project next year. Other than this, the company itself is working on rolling out some new services using the blockchain technology, for example, electronic voting, real estate, digital voucher and so on.

Kona Software Lab Ltd will bring its international experience as mentioned above to the local market and will continue to contribute in the development of Bangladesh Market. We hope we will see the state of the art technologies and its impact soon in Bangladesh Market.

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