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Insights of Uber service in 2019

Gulshan 1, Jamuna Future Park, and Bashundhara City Shopping Complex have been top 3 locations within Bangladesh on the Uber app

Uber released "How Bangladesh Moved in 2019: A Year in Review

Uber on February 6 released “How Bangladesh Moved in 2019: A Year in Review” revealing Bangladesh’s most loved Uber service, most visited destinations – local and international, as well as preferred dates and time to use Uber in Bangladesh.

Backed by rider insights and captivating data, the report shares insights on the increasing importance of ridesharing within the country and efforts to create sustainable cities for the future.

Uber Moto nowadays is the most popular mode of transportation in Bangladesh, one of the largest Moto markets for Uber, globally.

The highest percentage of Uber trips happened between 5 to 7 pm and for Bangladesh registered Uber users traveling overseas, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai reported the most rides.

Prabhjeet Singh, Head of Bangladesh and South Asia, Uber commenting on the year in review said: “We’re excited about showcasing how Bangladesh moved in 2019.”

He also dais, “It is overwhelming to see that our vision of a multimodal mobility solution fits so well in the everyday life of Bangladeshi riders and that they are taking to our many convenient, reliable, and affordable offerings. We are committed to continuing our efforts to provide seamless mobility to our riders in 2020 and beyond.”


  • Uber Moto is the most popular Uber service in Bangladesh followed by Uber X
  • Most Bangladeshis are on the move between 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm
  • November and December were the leading months for Bangladeshis to leave their cars behind and use Uber
  • 5th December saw the maximum Uber rides in 2019
  • Gulshan 1 and Jamuna Future Park were the most popular destinations in Bangladesh for using Uber
  • The 3 international cities which saw the maximum Uber rides by Bangladeshis were Kolkata, Delhi NCR and Chennai

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