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Inspiring Bangladesh: The First Social Fintech Venture in South East Asia

  • Imran Fahad

Inspiring Bangladesh Ltd. is a social good company promoting inspirational stories of Bangladeshis around the globe and the users get a voucher to inspire people and motivated people may share their positive stories & achievements.

Bangladesh has got a lot of superheroes in individual sectors, but most of them are not recognized. In fact, there are no governments or private Archives or platforms for branding Bangladesh. According to Dhaka Tribune in 2018, on average 172 people are committing suicide in each district, and numbers were showing an upward trend. We are aimed to create a platform to showcase successful Bangladeshis in all walks of life living at home and abroad. We will term these people as “Inspirations”. Their stories will be taken to the youth across Bangladesh’s landscape through the Digital Platform using the power of the internet. Our main aim is to equip the students with full positivity to sound their mental health. Women’s mental health is our high priority, especially for rural women.  As our platform is just inspired to share the positive inspiration vibe, people will be motivated and consequently build a positive mindset.

The Problems We are Addressing

Though Bangladesh is at her peak in the development phase and many positive minds are emerging for the betterment of the nation, still, a platform lacks where all those good deeds, good minds are highlighted at once and as a whole. In short, there is no specific branding platform to highlight all of this where all those brandings are highlighted individually. For example, many social organizations like NRB Bank did some wonderful works in the past for the betterment of the country, but there weren’t many platforms that highlighted their works in the past if any. We are basically trying to work like the platform they need, a branding platform that will highlight all of the underrated deeds those people or organizations have done and give them the proper exposure they deserve.

On the contrary, there might be some ill-minded people or sources, try to take the benefit of exposure and glamour and spread some fake news all over the media. It’s also a point of concern about how to highlight the proper news in this vast field of internet and media. In a word, filtering that proper news is also a point of concern. That’s where we tend to use AI and machine learning to filter that proper news from the vast source mixed with fake news. Our technology is creating nurtured under the supervision of health care, blockchain, AI, Data analysis, and social activities specialist. The technology behind this project is deep data-driven by users to analyze the psychological profile and help to become more positive and aware of personal issues, mental health care, and social issues. We are more focused into create a cashless society with our alternative payment systems.

Vision and Mission

Our platform encourages community engagement, partnership, and affiliation, engagement with the online platform and technologies such as websites and apps, sharing authentic news and networking, highlighting inspiring stories, and promoting government achievements. We are more focused into monetize our users social time in more innovative way.

The Platform/Features

Our platform is generally a social media platform for Bangladesh, we are trying to establish a social media site for the people of Bangladesh so that they can share their own stories with full freedom, connect with one another and inspire others. Moreover, it’s a platform for a huge marketplace where people can make some earnings as well by motivating or inspiring others and getting paid. Here people will be introduced by a credit redeem option which will give them a discount on a variety of products from different companies. For example, let’s say one of our users got a voucher for a coffee shop where he’ll get a 30% discount for a coffee. He went there, ordered a coffee and showed them his voucher. Based on the voucher, he’ll get the price of the coffee reduced by 30%. That’s how users will be benefited from this platform. The special platform only designed for Bangladeshi people living home abroad.


We are launching our platform as an App and our own additional website so that people can find us easily on the internet. The app will be available on Google Playstore soon.

Generating Credits/ getting registered to the platform

Like we said earlier, we are offering our services through our own app and websites on the internet. Any individual or company can sign up through Digital KYC using IOS or Android App. After the sign up, there will be some suggestion pages based on their interest areas where they can link their interested categories and so on. The related contents based on their interest areas will be shown into their news feed. The users can also post their individual contents in the news feed which will be visible to others. By reacting others’ contents and by getting react from other users to their own posts, that user can get the credits, and its amount will be determined by the reaction he gets or reacts he gives. After that the user can easily redeem their voucher to our partners’ outlets and get a discount as described earlier. Corporate companies will also use the voucher to promote their companies in our platform. Companies can buy outlets from our platform as well. Each of the users are independent of the vouchers they use so that they can maximize their opportunities on this platform. For the specific reason, the user can use the voucher as an alternative to the cash as well. In short, their credits can become an alternative payment system.

Customer Ecosystem

Customer ecosystem is a policy of us by which the flow of the voucher redeems will be balanced between the users and our partners. In this platform, users will share their stories to inspire others or get inspired by the post of others to earn their credits.  After that they can redeem their vouchers at our partners’ outlet. At the same time, those partners of ours will also get some vouchers in their account. So when one of our users will go to the coffee shop, for example, which has a partnership with us, they can get a discount for the coffee they tend to take. Later on, that specific company can spend their marketing on our Inspiring Bangladesh’s platform and can buy vouchers from us. That’s how the ecosystem flows between the users and the partners of us.

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The author is the Founder & Managing Director Inspiring Bangladesh Limited


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