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Kazemi was not just banker but an intellectual too: BB Governor

Allah Malik Kazemi retired as the deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank before being appointed as an adviser for the bank/ Photo: Collected

Bangladesh Bank governor Fazle Kabir said, the central bank adviser Allah Malik Kazemi was not a central banker, he was an outstanding intellectual as well.

The governor also said, Kazemi’s death has made an irreparable gap in the central bank as he (Kazemi) was a versatile ingenious. Fazle Kabir told this while recalling the life and works of Kazemi, who also served as the deputy governor at the central bank.

Allah Malik Kazemi, the change management adviser of the central bank, died from coronavirus infection while being treated at the Evercare Hospital in Dhaka on June 26.

Kazemi was appointed as the adviser after his retirement from the deputy governor post.

“Such a knowledgeable person like him served in the Bangladesh Bank for a long term after his retirement because he had extraordinary wisdom in three areas — monetary policy, foreign exchange policy, and financial inclusion,” the governor said, reports the Dhaka Tribune.

“After the initial draft of the monetary policy, Kazemi had shown great workmanship on it. We were largely dependent on him about the issue.

“He was also unique in his knowledge of foreign exchange policy. He used to guide us by reviewing all the guidelines and policies on where and when to take relaxation, where to take measures, either it be in EPZ [Export Processing Zone], Special Economic Zone, or other areas,” according to Dhaka Tribune.

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