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LANDEN Technology: A stunning platform for f-commerce


With a vision to digitalize F-commerce and micro-merchants of Bangladesh ‘Landen Technology’ started its journey on December 2020.

Landen is the first Bangla app that can generate invoices in Bangla. Not only invoices, Landen helps businesses to keep track of the profit, expenditures, daily sales, monthly sales, inventory. Also micro-merchant/F-commerce businesses will be able to receive payment through the invoice and deliver their product.

One of the co-founders Parvez Ahmed runs a Facebook business page as his side hustle and use to sell different health related items. Over the period of time he was facing problems to control his business manually, also one of the major problem he was facing not being able to provide invoice to customers. This made him searching for an app/software to run his business smoothly however he was unable to find a suitable app as per his need. So one day he shared his idea with one of his friend and who is the other co-founder of the company, Shaba Shams the idea. They both agreed to develop an app that will be able to solve this persistent problem.

Currently, F-Commerce market size is Tk. 312 crore and 300,00 Bangladeshi stores are operating on Facebook through Facebook page. In our country, we have 22 million active Facebook users and page owners are able to earn anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 Tk. Monthly.

Landen initially targets to serve this clientele and expand their services to micro-merchant space. Micro-Merchant market of our country is Tk. 8483.5 crore and 1.3 million micro-merchants are operating in Bangladesh and 50,000 new people enter this space. However, they are still out of the digital journey. Landen is aiming to provide this sector a full digital solution for their business.

Core feature of their app is invoice which is can be generated and shared digitally to their customers. Businesses can add client, add product to keep track of inventory with buying and selling price. Also, they can add daily expenses and monthly expenses and app will calculate their daily sales, monthly sales, daily profit, and monthly profit.

Furthermore, business will also be able to keep track of their credit sales with Landen App. Another important factor for businesses is keep record of their customers which businesses like F-Commerce and Micro-merchants cannot keep, hence Landen has feature to maintain a customer database through which they will be able to send free SMS/Email through WhatsApp or email client that customers use.

Recently, Landen has incorporated payment gateway so that customers can accept payment digitally. Also some other features are coming up like delivery system integration and SMS marketing which will help customers to promote their businesses.

Since Landen app is keeping a track of all financial transaction it will help businesses to get credit facilities from financial institutions when they are in cash crisis. Landen has already started the initiative to bring financial institutions in their platform so that both businesses can get funding when they need it and financial institutes can get authentic data to fund business. Since its launching Landen has received good responses from their client base. Clients are controlling their businesses and monitoring their sales, expenditure and profit on a regular basis which is enabling them to focus more on their businesses..

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