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Mirpur Branch of Shikhbe Shobai Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

The country’s one of the largest freelancing training provider Shikhbe Shobai has celebrated the 2nd anniversary of its Mirpur branch in limited scale in compliance with the Covid-19 hygiene rules.

Top officials and students of Shikhbe Shobai were also joined on the occasion.

According to Shikhbe Shobai, about 15 hundred students have taken training under 52 batches so far from Shikhbe Shobai’s Mirpur branch. Among them, more than seven hundred students have successfully established careers in different marketplaces. The Mirpur branch conducts various skills related training all week round.

Apart from this, the students regularly shared their success stories in the ‘Shikhbe Shobai Freelancer Community’ group on Facebook.

Shikhbe Shobai is continuously working on various skill developments training programs in the IT sector with the aim of eliminating unemployment problems in the country. So far, more than 8,000 students have received training from the institute. Among them, more than 3,500 students are working successfully in various online and offline marketplaces.

Abdul Kader, Chief Operating Officer of Shikhbe Shobai, said, “We have been working to eradicate unemployment since our inception. Shikhbe Shobai determined to contribute the government’s vision to build a Digital Bangladesh.”

Shikhbe Shobai informed that after receiving various IT skills training, the students have so far earned more than US$1.2 million working from Bangladesh. Thus, Shikhbe Shobai has played a vital role in changing the fortune of many families.

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