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MISL and SIBL brings digital onboarding solution

Millennium Information Solution Limited (MISL) and Social Islami Bank Ltd. (SIBL) engaged into an agreement to implement “Chinho”, the digital onboarding solution of MISL for SIBL.

“Chinho” of MISL will be  providing an extremely simplified and user-friendly way of account opening for prospective clients of SIBL from anywhere and anytime using their smartphones without having to go to any branch or service outlet of SIBL. During this devastating pandemic, where maintaining “physical distancing” is a very important factor of any commercial interaction, a solution like “Chinho” to the banks like SIBL  is going to address this issue most appropriately.

While using this system, SIBL is expected to play a pioneering role in Digital Banking in the country coupled with its feature-rich and user friendly Mobile Apps provided by MISL which has created a fantastic market traction over more than 1.5 years.

“Chinho” of MISL automates e-KYC services complying with the central bank’s guidelines. It simplifies and accelerates customer on-boarding, enhances customer experience and launches banking befitting the modern lifestyle of the clients, all from the palm of their hands.

“Chinho” ensures instant account opening with a minimum number of clicks using state of the art technology and ensuring maximum security, “Chinho” provides an easy and smooth way of Identity management, multi-layer authentication keeping modular and scalability options for the client onboarding and KYC system.

The system is highly secure and integrated with the industry best practices. The solution can integrate with existing Mobile Applications for any Bank. The application is  available on both Android and iOS devices.

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