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Motorola introduces exclusive headphones for kids in Bangladesh

The world famous mobile brand Motorola Bangladesh has launched two exclusive models of headphone for the kids of Bangladesh. The headphones models are Squads 200 and Squads 300. Salextra Limited is the exclusive national partner of Motorola Lifestyle products in Bangladesh. These headphones are very timely and modern for online classes and educational activities of kids.

Motorola’s new Squads 200 headphones, for children aged 3 and above, are specially designed to protect a child’s developing hearing within 85dB safe audio limit and anti-allergic cushion pads. The Motorola Squads 200 were designed to be flexible and durable, for a comfortable feel that’s reliable. The Motorola Squads 200 offers an audio splitter, so you can share music using different headphones.

The Motorola Squads 300 with 30mm drivers are specially designed for your child to ensure that volume levels are limited to 85dB for safe listening, as recommended by health experts across the world. A super flexible BPA free plastics materials withstand twisting and provide durability. Easy sharing by cable splitters, comes with extra audio cable for unlimited playtime. This headphone is Shockproof, flexible and durable quality plastic body built to stand the test of time with anti-allergic cushion (BPA free)

The price of Squads 200 model headphone is 1,899 BDT and Squads 300 model is 2,999 BDT. Customers can purchase these headphones from ecommerce platforms,,, and

About Motorola:

Motorola has been launched officially in Bangladesh market after 10 years. Salextra Limited is the National Distributor for Motorola Lifestyle products in Bangladesh.  Please visit our facebook page for more details:

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