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The best outcome of this budget is obviously the protection that our local IT industry gets in terms of production-be it software or hardware. I would say this budget reflects the demand of the IT industry like no other budget.

I remember the day August 6, 2015 when me and the ICT state Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak were present in a meeting of ‘Digital Bangladesh Task Force’ chaired by our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. During that meeting the PM said that we will not only produce digital device but also will export it.

I believed in his dream. Though it seemed far-fetched but I believed in it. Now I can say that the government is well on course in realizing that dream.

Earlier I, along with the State Minister went to visit the factory of Walton. I laud Walton wholeheartedly because they have shown us the way. When no other company had the courage to jump in to hardware manufacturing, they did. Now they produce even motherboard, only import hard-drive and processor for their products like mobile phone. They have also started manufacturing compressors for their refrigerators.

I strongly believe that VAT and tax reduction in this year’s budget has created more scopes of creating local brand like Walton.

Such VAT and tax exemption on machineries have also paved the way of bringing world renowned brand like HP, Dell in our country to open up their manufacturing units inside the high-tech park.

I also like praising our ICT division for bagging a budgetary allocation of Tk 3,974 crore. In the last fiscal year, it was 1,819 crore. Such a massive jump was made possible because the ICT division has been able to spend 100% of its allocation from the annual development fund.

I hope that the government would continue spending wisely for the development of the ICT sector of the country.

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