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New JackRabbit Mobility eBike Comes with Compact Solution

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every year in Las Vegas shows thousands of new stuffs for the future in the fast-moving world of technology and this year CES includes different smart e-bikes. Described as “a compact, lightweight and nimble electric vehicle for campus and urban mobility” the JackRabbit is shown off at CES.

Rolling onto the ebike scene with its compact ebike-scooter hybrid that does away with the pedals, gears, chains, greasy bits and derailleurs, JackRabbit puts the mismatched front and rear wheels much closer together than on a normal bike.

Tom Piszkin, founder of this smart bike, believes in favor of a compact form factor it will open all the features up to a whole new category of rider. The exclusive design of the JackRabbit starts with a custom 6061 T6 monocoque frame.

The rear tire is a more traditional 26 inch air-filled tire that comes with a thorn-resistant liner and up front, a smaller 20″ front wheel is wrapped with 1.5″ NEXO no-flat nitrogen infused front tire which maximizes the value of the bike, minimizes the possibility of flats, all in a compact form factor. The JackRabbit tips the scales at right around 20 pounds, making it one of the most portable ebikes on the market.

The pegs up front fold up and the handlebars are designed with a quick release stem that allows the bike to fold down to a profile that’s just 6.25 inches wide and the slim profile allows it to easily fit in the rear seat of most vehicles. It is a portable and easy to lift up and bring everywhere.

The battery pack lives in the center of the frame, which is also home to a state of charge indicator, an on-off switch, and a charge port. The current design was not built to be user serviceable, but this is something the founder is looking at for a future iteration of the bike to give riders more options.

Technical Specifications

  • Bezel switch mounted on the underside of the MF powers the system on/off
  • 36V 4.8Ah battery pack (ten INR21700 cells with BMS) mounted in the MF
  • Handlebar-mounted, 3-position proprietary speed switch: CLIMB-COAST-CRUISE
  • 36 volt Brushless DC hub motor with Hall sensor
  • 2640 motor rpm (13.2:1 reduction)
  • 330 max output watts @ 10 amps @ full charge (42V)
  • Folding alloy footrests attached to the fork blades. 60 lb. load limit–no standing
  • USB port mounted in the top of the MF for recharging/powering personal devices (5V, 1A)

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