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Notundhora to Open Training Academy for Real Estate Sector

  • Shadi-Uz-Zaman

Real estate sector in Bangladesh, no doubt, has been booming especially the private real estate developers have been successful in meeting a large proportion of the national housing demand within last four decades. Though this sector is developing day by day and proving its fluidity in case of demand and supply, there is no proper training institution to meet up the demand to the utmost extent. So being a real estate businessman, it is his responsibility to build a professional real estate training institute to amplify real estate sector. It could be a noble attempt for the whole real estate industry.

Since Notundhora aligns its work exceptionally, it has decided to open a training academy for this sector. In this regard, Notundhora is working to build a new organization named ‘Real Estate Academy of Dhaka (READ)’ to train the graduates and businessmen. This new institution is going to be inaugurated by the first half of 2020. The institution will be guided and operated by Notundhora Managing Director along with the coordination of Merryna Sadi, Deputy Managing Director, Notundhora Assets Ltd.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs are quite volatile and many of them are unaware of doing business perfectly. READ in this connection will be helpful for them. Those who are business personalities or want to work in real estate sector and the graduates can come to take this opportunity to get admitted in this institution. Besides, country’s eminent real estate experts will take the classes in READ. They will share their knowledge, working experience and many more to the trainees so that a trainee can easily get practical experiences.

Merryna Sadi and Shadi Uz Zaman

Notundhora actually wants to train the customers because they are deceived very often and don’t know what are the questions they might ask to purchase a plot or flat. They need to ask questions knowing about Floor Area Ratio (FAR). Further, a recipient should know regarding the plan pass of RAJUK/NHA (Authority). If they know well about this, they can have the command over housing system.

Moreover, Notundhora has at the same time taken some initiatives to implement more projects in upcoming days. In Kuakata tourism sector an important project will be taken for further development and another project to sell apartments will soon be taken by Notundhora.

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The writer is the Managing Director of Notundhora Assets Limited. 

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