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Business environment is, no doubt, changing rapidly in today’s business world. To stand out in such arena you need to know how to innovate and impress at work. According to a study by IBM, “About 60% of CEOs polled cited creativity as the most important leadership quality, compared with 52% for integrity and 35% for global thinking.”

To promote a resourceful work atmosphere for yourself, you need to walk around what the pain points are at work for your customers, the services your organization provides and the challenges your colleagues face. Then, set some time aside or make yourself a part of a nimble team to find creative solutions to solve these challenges one by one. So let yourself allow thinking out of the box and giving yourself time, tools and the resources to help you explore new arenas for innovative ideas and this will be a prominent way to value adding,cost effective and constructive business solutions. Take a look at the 10 best ways to know what you should do at your work.

1. Make the words change from ‘I Can’t’ to ‘I Can’

You must be innovative if you allow yourself to be so. Have faith yourself and be bold with coming up with creative ways to get free from challenges at work.

2. Recharge your ‘psychological creativity muscle’ and boost yourself into problem solving mode

Don’t be crestfallen with the problems before coming up with solutions. Look for what is not working well and then make an innovative solution to improve it.

3. Be supportive and accessible to available assets

Remember that no man is the isolated meadow. You can never innovate alone in an organization. You need support, buy-in and a change of behavior for any innovation to succeed. Just collaborate and widen your network.

4. Be not feeble

Do not consider yourself feeble. Be persistent. Have faith on yourself and your ideas. Once you get any innovative idea nailed down, be laser sharp focused to do what it takes to achieve an end result that you envisioned.

5. Find out the probable bottlenecks

Just prior to think first why should they buy into your innovative solution? Before you sell your idea, give end users a very good reason why they need that innovation that you are pushing.

6. Get out of the box and be there where you want to be for being innovative

Be sure to think outside the box to innovate and impress at work but aim to present your idea inside the box.

7. Take risks and get ready to fail or make mistakes

Thomas A. Edison has a famous quote and that is “I have not failed. I’ve just 10,000 ways that won’t work”. Particular amount of risk-taking or failure is inevitable with any innovation. Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes. Never be put off creativity by sentencing yourself for an idea that doesn’t work out.

8. Let your brain set free

Don’t pressurize your brain if your idea or work doesn’t become successful first. Your brain is not a pressure cooker. Definitely, your day-to-day environment and routine can affect how you think and feel. The more stress free and clam you are, the more receptive you will be to tap into your creative sphere. Find inspiring spots to help trigger your creativity.

9. Doodle things down over and over again

Maintain your journal and always scribble down your ideas and thoughts. Writing every thought, idea, tip and inspiration down ought to be practiced. Practice, lone brainstorming and think on paper.

10. Be curious and grow inside you ‘need to know’ attitude

Remember, if you are not enthusiastic of anything, you cannot innovate and impress at work. All great innovations are curious and they like to make the problems solve. Try and go against the grains in how you see the stuffs.

You are the master of your own psychology. No one can change it unless and until you are inside you. Get free yourself from mind-created constraints. The only way to do this is by lessening assumptions and restrictions. Open your mind to new ideas and solutions without setting for self-limiting beliefs. Just be creative because you know, innovation is more about psychology than intellect.■


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