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The challenges of network and data security are complex, but solving them does not need to be. Barracuda is your single source for securing all of your threat vectors, including email, websites, web applications, mobile devices, and network performance – whether on-site or in the cloud. All Barracuda products can be centrally managed from a single console, and all come with award-winning customer service. With Barracuda’s ease of use, affordability, and support, big problems can be solved with small investments.

Put simply, threat vectors are the routes that malicious attacks may take to get past your defenses and infect your network. We will be talking about six threat vectors in particular:

• Network – The perimeter of your network, usually protected by something like a firewall.

• Email – Phishing attacks and malicious attachments target the email threat vector.

• Web Application – SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting are just two of the many attacks that take advantage of an inadequately protected Web Application threat vector.

• Remote Access – A corporate device using an unsecured wireless hotspot can be compromised and passed on to the corporate network.

• Mobile – Smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices can be used as devices to pass malware and other attacks on to the corporate network. Additionally, mobile malware may be used to steal useful data from the mobile device.

• User – Attackers often use social engineering and social networking to gather information and trick users into opening a pathway for an attack into a network.

This is very important to identify three valuable steps for securing you network infrastructure, the web applications, Emails and web access from the malicious attacks. We may define these steps as follows:

Barracuda Networks is giving you protection with the following three different headers. For these facilities more than worldwide 150,000 businesses rely on Barracuda to protect their most important business data. The Barracuda solutions are as follows:

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