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Smart refrigerator also known as Internet refrigerator is a refrigerator that is equipped to keep track of what products or foods are available and be able to determine when a product needs to be restored.

In the early 2000s the idea of connecting utensils with the IoT had been familiarized. In June 2000, LG introduced the first smart refrigerator but they failed big time. Buyers had seen it as redundant and high-priced. Initially the price was set for $20,000.

After several failed attempts, Samsung affiliated with MasterCard and multiple retail stores to launch the most advanced and suitable home appliance, the Family Hub Smart Refrigerator, starting from $2799. Deputed family members can simultaneously order grocery items via the fridge itself or via a smartphone and place the order by entering a pin number. With the connected touchscreen, the family hub lets you plan meals, coordinate family schedules and even entertain. You can as well get notifications on your groceries, check inside your refrigerator from anywhere and set expiration notifications to keep all your food fresh.

The interior comes with three inside built-in cameras which will show you what’s inside your fridge anytime anywhere. The family hub makes it easy to coordinate, so everyone gets what they need. One of the biggest advantages Samsung offered is that the refrigerator can keep track of the date so that food that are sensitive can be observed easily. The refrigerator may even alert you when the food is close to spoiling. This notification can be displayed in the refrigerator’s display or sent directly to the assigned mobile phones.

If you have leftover components in your fridge, the Family Hub can prepare possible recipes. This will help you to use as mush food left in the refrigerator as possible, cutting down waste. The refrigerator comes with smart sensors which will adjust temperature so that food does not spoil as much. Another thing the Family Hub Smart Refrigerator can do is keep track of when things are removed from the refrigerator. Those who have roommates or children might find this useful to track when the food disappears from the fridge.

The features that make the Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator unique from other internet refrigerators –

1. RFID tag scanner

2. Cameras

3. Two foot touch screen

4. SmarThings app

5. Smart lights

6. Meal planner

7. Bixby smart voice

8. Screen mirroring with smart TV

9. AKG premium quality sound speakers

10. Grocery tracking system

Though there are many advantages to smart refrigerators there are some certain drawbacks. One of the biggest problems is that most of the foods nowadays are nor labeled with RFID code, which means you cannot get proper information on what you have in your fridge unless you manually input in your refrigerator. Other than that, there are some security issues as well. Russian anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab warned that these smart fridges can be targets of internet viruses.

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