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Samsung flip: transforms the way people work

Nowadays many companies are embracing the open-plan office environments where meetings are more likely to transpire spontaneously rather than in meeting rooms. With this in mind, Samsung introduced the Flip to take digital collaboration to a new level with mobility and usability features that facilitate a creative, collaborative, and productive business environment.

Samsung Flip is a 55-inch touchscreen with a smooth matte finish, e-ink style. It includes a dual-sided stylus with a fine-point pen on one side and a slightly wider highlighting tool on the other. The display can be used both as a whiteboard and blackboard. Up to four people can simultaneously work on it using any object, even use a finger to write on it. Variety of colors, styles, and widths are available for the writing. Such as, a person can write with black color and highlight it with blue color. It’s also easier to rewrite ideas or remove an entire section by only a hand swipe. No longer need to worry about getting ink on the palm while cleaning the text.

With this Flip board, people don’t have to sort through endless stacks of papers to find a specific discussion point as now they can seamlessly scroll through and search within up to 20 clearly-divided digital pages. They can also use the Quick finder to choose a particular page to work on. One of the fun features is tapping Android smartphones to the bottom of the display sensor will connect it with the Flip immediately and the display will start mirroring the phone wirelessly. The smartphones can also be connected via USB port too.

Devices such as PCs and tablets can also be connected to the Flip wirelessly or via the USB port. The Flip has built-in speakers and it runs the Tizen operating system which has been used in a variety of Samsung products, including smart TVs. It supports screen mirroring technology so participants can mirror materials directly from their devices to the 4K touchscreen display, provided that they are using Windows 10 or smartphones running Android Oreo.

The Flip stores the meeting notes in real-time, preventing the need to stop the conversation to save each page. It has an 8GB internal memory for storing the meeting details and the information can be password protected so only approved users can view it. The details can also be e-mailed, printed or saved on the network or USB storage. Users can opt to either mount the Samsung Flip on a wall or for better mobility, use the height-adjustable stand that can be wheeled around. The Flip does indeed flip, turning horizontally or vertically as users see fit.

Endless workplace possibilities will now be at the tip of people’s fingers, anytime and anywhere. Devices like these, create profound impacts on business and workplace environment. Especially, with all these commanding features, Samsung Flip have the potentials of bringing a paradigm shift in every traditional office. Be it a meeting, a brainstorming session or general official briefing, Samsung Flip is going to be the leading display solution in no time.

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